Thursday, June 20, 2013

{Outfit} It sure would be prettier with you

I swear you can almost always tell when I've decided its a good idea to take photos after work. There's just the air of "Boy, I'm tired" to me. I don't really think there's enough make up in the world to overcome that vibe, but hey! at least these were taken on a Friday so my face isn't as nearly depressing as it could be.

In other news, along with my maxi obsession, I've also become obsessed witha ll things white. Seriously, with so many obsessions I'm not sure how I get anything else done. I have always, always been a huge fan of white. I've honestly lost count of how many white dresses I own, only that I had to make myself stop buying. There is really just something amazing about the color white. Its pure, crisp, and simply classic. I was more than all too excited to have scored this inverted lapel for thirty dollars. Whoo hoo Express sales with coupons. I believe its an extra 40% off a clearance price of $39.99 right now.. which is amazing and cheaper than what I go, so jump on it!. Of course this hasn't stopped me from wanting a longer version of the white blazer (think boyfriend style), but for now this adorable little peplum one will do.

Other white items on my list? Ankle strap heels and pointed toe pumps (yes, I realize I own a pair of pointed toe wedges, but a girl can never have too many shoes!).

What about you readers? White is very much on trend right now, are there any items you find yourself obsessing over?

P.S.. These Eileen heels are amazing. I went out to dinner with friends and we walked all over downtown Palo Alto. Very minimal pain (because lets be honest, there's no such thing as painless heels) and absolutely no blisters despite being my first time wearing them out!

Happy Thursday!

Express Inverted Lapel Peplum Jacket in White
Nordstorm Dress from Swap
Fergalicious (c/o DSW) Eileen Heel in Mint
NY&Co Bib Necklace (old)


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