Thursday, June 27, 2013

{Outfit} And I can't change. Even if I tried, even if I wanted to

Yesterday was a very important day in history. Its the best of feelings to turn on your radio first thing in the morning and hear such fantastic news. Its even more fantastic that the sun finally decided to come out to play. Its like it had been waiting to hear the good news as well! Three days of rain and over casted humidity is not my idea of a California summer!

Every time I look at this dress it reminds me of Charlie Brown and I think that its because of that, that I'm drawn to it. I'm not entirely sure if a chevron stripe of this size is the most flattering for my body type, but none the less, I enjoy this dress. It has a very playful vibe to it, but at the same time I felt as if I easily add a bit of class.

I decided to pair the dress with ankle strap sandals. A mix of dainty against the bold lines of the chevron. I also felt the dress was short enough to compensate for the strap truncating my legs. Ankle straps are really tricky creatures--even the thin ones. The same goes for booties or anything that ends at your ankle. You really need to make sure that its being balanced out well enough that you don't cut your height in half.

Happy Thursday everyone! Just one more week til the Fourth of July! Parttttyyy~!

LeTote Chevron Dress
NY&Co Colorblock Trench
Mix No. 6 (DSW) Charlie Heel in Black (old - similar)
NY&Co Floral Necklace
Xhilaration (Target) Butterfly Sunglasses


Thursday, June 20, 2013

{Outfit} It sure would be prettier with you

I swear you can almost always tell when I've decided its a good idea to take photos after work. There's just the air of "Boy, I'm tired" to me. I don't really think there's enough make up in the world to overcome that vibe, but hey! at least these were taken on a Friday so my face isn't as nearly depressing as it could be.

In other news, along with my maxi obsession, I've also become obsessed witha ll things white. Seriously, with so many obsessions I'm not sure how I get anything else done. I have always, always been a huge fan of white. I've honestly lost count of how many white dresses I own, only that I had to make myself stop buying. There is really just something amazing about the color white. Its pure, crisp, and simply classic. I was more than all too excited to have scored this inverted lapel for thirty dollars. Whoo hoo Express sales with coupons. I believe its an extra 40% off a clearance price of $39.99 right now.. which is amazing and cheaper than what I go, so jump on it!. Of course this hasn't stopped me from wanting a longer version of the white blazer (think boyfriend style), but for now this adorable little peplum one will do.

Other white items on my list? Ankle strap heels and pointed toe pumps (yes, I realize I own a pair of pointed toe wedges, but a girl can never have too many shoes!).

What about you readers? White is very much on trend right now, are there any items you find yourself obsessing over?

P.S.. These Eileen heels are amazing. I went out to dinner with friends and we walked all over downtown Palo Alto. Very minimal pain (because lets be honest, there's no such thing as painless heels) and absolutely no blisters despite being my first time wearing them out!

Happy Thursday!

Express Inverted Lapel Peplum Jacket in White
Nordstorm Dress from Swap
Fergalicious (c/o DSW) Eileen Heel in Mint
NY&Co Bib Necklace (old)


Thursday, June 13, 2013

{Outfit} Happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time

I am seriously just obsessed with maxis lately. Maxi anything really. Maxi dresses, maxi skirts, and maybe... just maybe maxi pants (also know as palazzos - yes I know, I can't believe they're back either, but really how cute are these?). It started off (and continues) with what feels like a never ending search for the perfect striped maxi skirt and dress. I have been searching almost every store I can think of, but have yet to find the one (well, ones). Surprisingly price isn't a factor here. I feel as if a striped maxi anything is a wardrobe staple and should be in everyone's closet. Now if only I could find those perfect ones!

In any case, my endless search for striped maxis has lead to a new found appreciation for maxis in general. I know they aren't anything new, but they feel very new to me because I never cared for them before. Its been a bit of a challenging figuring out ways to style them, but I'm working on it! Honestly, they're kind of perfect for this windy, bipolar weather that the Bay Area is currently experiencing. Light weight and breathes well for warmer temperatures, but keeps my legs warm in the morning and late evenings. Its also nice not to have to worry about my skirt blowing up and flashing half of the people at work!

Victoria's Secret PINK Low Back Tank and Racerback Bralette
Lily Rose (Kohl's) Tie Dyed Maxi Skirt
PacSun Utility Jacket (old - similar here)
Fergalicious (c/o DSW) Float Flat Sandal
LeTote Necklace and Bracelet
Coach Sunglasses


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

{Review} Fysiko Lashes Eyelash Serum - Part 01

**Disclaimer** Influenster and Fysiko Lashes provided me with one Fysiko Eyelash Serum product for review. I have not received any type of compensation other than the actual product. All words written are of my own opinion and have not been influenced by Fysiko or Influenster.

I was one of the lucky few chosen by Influenster to trial/review the Fysiko Eyelash Serum. It took a while for me to get my package (thank you slow mail forwarding), but its finally here!

Fysiko Lashes promises to double the length and volume of your lashes in just 6 weeks. I'm really quite eager to see how quickly the results come about. As you guys recall, last year I reviewed the LashFood Nano-Peptide Natural Eyelash Conditioner, which caused my lashes to grow quite considerably. I stopped using the product not long after that review posted because, well, I ran out and decided not to purchase more due to the cost. Its been over a year now since I used the LashFood product, and while I've lost a bit of the length and volume to my lashes, they are now, naturally longer than they were before. I mention this to make it clear that I'm pretty much starting over with the trial period, and that my results won't be affected by my previous use.

The great thing about having done a review like this before is that I've lived and learned. I promise better photos this time around, with both under and over views. So here I am, at Day 0:

This is a really freaky view of my eye O.o

As you can see my lashes are a bit longer than when I first started using the LashFood Conditioner. Its nice to know that the effects don't totally wear away even after months of no use.

I'll be providing monthly updates on my Tumblr so that I don't congest the blog too much, however, will provide one full update/review once my 16 weeks are up here.

But! Since this is a review post, I will give you my initial impressions on the product. I've been using it for about a week now. The serum is super easy to apply.. quite similar to putting on eyeliner except you don't have to worry about making it look nice. It does sting a bit if you accidentally get some in your eyes, so I think the formula is a little more aggressive than the LashFood one was. I haven't noticed any real progress yet, but there does seem to be a difference to my skin. Its not an allergic reaction (or at least I don't believe it to be), but the skin on my eyelids actually feels thicker than it did before. I'm not sure if thats the best way to describe it, but its what it feels like. There have been a few mornings where my lids felt so thick that I almost... almost had an eyelid crease going (which to be honest is kind of exciting for me :P). This typically only happens when I've been crying to much and my skin is super swollen, or I haven't gotten enough sleep. This reaction doesn't bother me, and its not effecting my vision in any way, so I'm going to keep using the product. I think that if you have sensitive skin, despite the fact that this uses natural products, the serum may cause some irritation.

As luck would have it (or the fact that I'm a terribly delayed blogger), there is a Twitter party going on today at 2:00 PM EST/11:00 AM PST. Just search for #LongerLashes or follow @InfluensterVox or @FysikoLashes.

See ya there!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

{Outfit} How can I fit all these words into such a simple verse?

Its gotten to that time of year where I'm just completely incapable of bringing proper outerwear with me. I don't know if its some weird form of denial (although, to be in denial, you're not suppose to be aware that you're in denial, so that wouldn't really be the case here right?) or if I'm just flat out rebelling against the cold, but either way, I'm freezing almost every morning.

Sure, I could be rationale and say, "Bring the coat for the morning and you can prance around without it all afternoon", but I don't. Instead I say, "It's going to be XX degrees tomorrow! Who needs a coat when I'm wearing this pretty little dress?" And then proceed to turn my car heater on full blast all the way to work.

Its kind of amazing I haven't gotten sick yet (*knocks on wood*).

The past couple of weekends have been seriously amazing though. And if you're like me and you don't wake up until 10:00 AM, you have absolutely no awareness of this colder temperature until the harsh reality of the work week comes back around and slaps you in the face.

In any case, the summer solstice will be in just a couple of weeks. At that point all of my rebelling will be justified because at least then I can officially say it is summer and to hell with the peacoats! I figured it would be a great time to repost this dress, given my desire for the sun. Yes, that's right, I said repost. I had to pull these photos a while back for other reasons, but I simply love this dress too much not to bring it back. It is, pretty much, all that I love about summer.

Are you guys itching for the sun as much as I've been lately? Its suppose to be a whooping 90* in the Bay Area this weekend. I'm ridiculously excited. Where others melt, I will thrive and wear out the shortest of my shorts possible!

:) Have a great weekend! And thanks for reading!

ModCloth Feelin' Refreshed Dress
Bakers Nikki Heel (c/o old - similar here)
NY&Co Bracelets