Thursday, May 23, 2013

{Outfit} What rhymes with hug me?

No joke, I've had "Blurred Lines" stuck in my head for days now. I half blame it on the fact that 99.7 NOW plays it a million times, and well the other half is just that is an amazing song.

And so not appropriate for a blog post title, but here we are. Be thankful you don't live with me. I've been running around the housing singing "Hey, hey, hey" constantly. Like, literally just that one part, over and over and over again. Every now and then I sneak up behind FH and sing "What rhymes with hug me?" and then run away. Yeah... be glad you don't live with me.


In other news, this post is kind of a double whammy in terms of first. Here we have featured my first month trying out Le Tote (don't worry, there's a review coming, of course), and even more importantly, my first month of free shoes from DSW and Fergalicious! This has been the best win ever because every month I have new shoes to look forward to. I mean.. I don't know if a girl could ask for more than that right?

P.S... That bandage on my heel, that I totally forgot to remove before taking these, is not because of the shoes! Its from me being horrible at tennis, hitting the ball (for the millionth time) over the fence and into the bushes, and then of course cutting my heel over some twig that just happen to be sticking up at the right angle.

Sigh. Have I mentioned I'm really clumsy? And really bad at tennis.

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Le Tote Naked Zebra Top (referral link)
Express Tuxedo Shorts
Fergalicious by Fergie Footwear Hex Sandal (c/o DSW/Fergalicious, also avail here and here)
Le Tote Necklace
Target Studded Bracelet


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