Thursday, May 30, 2013

{Outfit} Rain is gonna fall, the sun is gonna shine

When I first heard news of the Derek Lam for DesigNation/Kohls collaboration, like everyone, I was pretty excited.  Unfortunately, when I saw the look book for the line, I quickly lost interest.  The price points were a lot higher than Target's and most of the styles and cuts didn't appeal to me.  I'd never purchased a DesigNation product from Kohl's before so I had no idea what the general quality was like, and given that the line launched the same day as FH's birthday, well I just plum forgot about it.
That is until someone told me that the Derek Lam for DesigNation line was 50% off at Kohl's!  See, there was one item that I was very curious about.  I had toyed with the idea of ordering it online initially  but decided against it since it cost $70.  I can't even get myself to pay $70 for a dress at the Gap, and I actually think some of their dresses are worth it!  There was no way I was going to do that at Kohl's.  Even at 50% off I had to give myself pause.
But since it's Kohl's, and Kohl's always has amazing coupon stacking, it ended up being way less than 50%.  After all my coupons, I walked out paying only $27 for this dress. 
And you know what?  Now that I own it, I can tell you that I would've paid $70 for this dress to begin with.
Its amazing.  Its got a great fit for my body type.  I read a number of reviews that the hips ran small and a lot of people had to size up, but for me this fit like a glove.  The material is cotton/linen blend so there isn't a whole lot of give, but it holds its shape really well.  It also breathes well and feels incredibly light.  Its also got a more of that "grown up" feel I've been trying to go for, but I feel like the abstract pattern gives it a lot of interest.
In any case, the dress is at 40% off right now.  Its been that way for a few weeks, so if you're curious about it, give it a whirl!  The blue version of this is an online exclusive, but you can find the brown one in-store to figure out sizing. 

This dress has definitely made me rethink DesigNation at Kohl's.  While I'm still not crazy about the other styles and cuts that are available in this line, I'm am more than impressed with the quality and fit.   I do hope that Kohl's starts to push the envelope a bit more and play it less on the safe side... though a quick look at the Catherine Malandrino line shows its happening any time soon (minus that laser cut out dress. Amazing. ). 
What you readers think?  Did you pick up anything from Derek Lam for DesigNation? And if so, what ended up being your favorite piece?
Happy Thursday everyone! Thanks for reading!

Derek Lam for DesigNation (Kohl's) Striped Sheath Dress in Graphic Surf Atlantic
Mango Pointed Toe Wedge in White
Target Studded Wrap Bracelet
Tobi Darla Sunglasses


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  1. that is a great dress! very cute.