Thursday, April 25, 2013

True Story...

FH totally hijacked all of my outfit photos.

No, really. He did! They're all uploaded to his DropBox along with twenty million plane videos and photos and I cannot tell which ones are mine. X.x So I'm having to pick and chose until I find the right ones. Meanwhile, I'm currently working on my Kate Young for Target review and have a couple other collaborations reviews in queue as well (think Fashion Star, Joe Fresh, and more Marchesa!). Its been difficult to try and squeeze outfit photos in since, believe it or not, we're still not unpacked. This is how disorganized my life is unfortunately. I get through maybe half a box every week right now. Its really sad.

On the plus side, do you guys remember my spring cleaning project from last year?

Well. It didn't go so well. I blame the move. OK, more like I'm using the move as an excuse because I really could've gotten rid of things as I was packing, but we were in so much of a rush to pack after a while that I didn't really think about it. In any case, I kind of lost track what I actually wore and what I didn't (or more like I purposely forgot so I could keep it all?). How is this a plus? Well I came up with a new way on how to sort through your clothing and making those hard decisions on whether to get rid of something or not. So a lot of great posts to look forward to I promise you!

In the meanwhile, I restarted my 365 day project. I realize most people start 365 day project at the new year, and here it is now April. Well, I'm not totally crazy! April 13th is Thai New Year.. so it.. kind of works? Lets just pretend it does OK? This year should be a lot easier to track as I've decided to totally spam my Instagram account instead of trying to edit and add photos to a blog album every day. So if you're curious as how things are going, or you know, you're just plain bored, give me a follow! I promise I'm not totally boring. Every now and then I post something like robot cars smashing into each other.



  1. love the bubbles dress!


  2. You're so cute in both your writing and your outfits. I'm following on Instagram! You have incredible style!