Thursday, April 4, 2013

Put your hand on the glass, I'll be tryin' to pull you through

Why does moving invoke so much chaos in one's life? Lol. I love our new house, but its been over a week now and I just want the chaos to end. It still stands that the only thing set up inside of the house is the kitchen. Our whole move in processed ended up being so rushed that we didn't have a chance to paint before we moved in either! So that still needs to be done. Or never done. More likely the latter because once your moved in, its hard to move out and go back right? Haha extreme laziness.

On the plus side, the whole process of getting to the move got so drawn out that we actually had time to squeeze in some engagement photos. Can you guess who our photographer was? Yep. None other than our too awesome friend Bryant. You can see more photos on his blog. This session was probably the most fun I've ever had doing a photoshoot. It was nice to have someone to bounce off of--someone that I'm obviously already very comfortable with--so I felt like a lot of the poses came naturally. Out of all of them.. this one is totally my favorite. For obvious reasons.

I mean... can't you just see the amount of love and admiration between the two of us. And by the two of us, I mean the ring and I. ;)

Happy Thursday!

Urban Outfitters Dress (old - similar here)
Target Xhilaration Presta Heel in White/Yellow



  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us! You are a beautiful couple and I wish you the absolute best in your new life together! I love the two pictures that you guys took in the tree at the end of your post, just amazing!

  2. congratulations again! these are so cute :)


  3. Pamada! We are in the same Facebook swap group. Just found your blog--your engagement pictures are so sweet :) congrats!

    -Emma from

  4. Congratulations, you two are adorable!