Thursday, April 18, 2013

{Outfit} Tapping toes and always looking at the time

Today's post is all about patience.

Patience is the most important thing that you need if you want to become a "budgetista". Patience and quick access to your credit card any ways. ;)

I'd been dying to purchase this Fashion Star x Express dress for a solid month now. Unfortunately, unlike when H&M was the lower bracket buyer, not every Express store carried this dress. To make matters worse, coupons don't work on any of the Fashion Star items. Ugh. What is a dress addict to do? Nothing.. nothing but wait.

Wait until that one weekend where Express decided to put their entire website at 40% off and yes! that did include Fashion Star items. So naturally.. I bought like one of everything. No, just kidding. Well, not really just kidding. I did buy most of the Fashion Star items, but its all going back minus this dress. See, I can be totally practical at times as well.

Though I can't really say that practicality has hit me with this La Mer watch yet. Well.. more like La Mer watches. I have been stalking The Wanderlust collection at Target even longer than I had been waiting on the Fashion Star dress! I think its been about six months since the line first launched at Target and even when they finally started to get marked down, it seriously took forever for the watches to hit 70%. It was not an easy wait. Lucky for me, I had Prabal to keep me company! Unlucky for me, the red and green La Mer watches also go fabulously with his line.

You see what FH has to deal with on these shoots? Don't know how he puts up with me sometimes! :D

In any case, I wanted to leave you guys with a mini review on these items, as well as some tips:

The Fashion Star dress runs a bit short in the torso. Its best to size up with this dress or it just gives you that pregnant look. The material is fantastic and super comfortable. The dress is fully lined with a heavy type of nylon/polyester--which is great since the first day I wore this dress out it was windy and the wind decided to pick up the cotton skirt right up! Thank goodness for the lining! It didn't budge at all. I personally don't think its worth the $70 price tag, but at 40%? Its right on the money!

The La Mer watches are really amazing. The wrap version that come with the chains are (at least to me) a higher quality than the non-chained version. While they're not worth the full price tag, I'd say getting the chained version at 30-50% is a pretty good deal. The faux leather is soft and flexible and mine has held up pretty well so far.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Fashion Star x Express Mod Flare Dress in Orange
Prabal Gurung for Target Pointed Toe Pumps in Nolita Print
La Mer for Target Triple Wrap Watch in Tan
JewelMint Natural Wonders Bracelet (sold out - similar in silver and gold)
Gap Clutch (similar here)



  1. haha...maybe I can use this method as I wait for teaching jobs to open up :p. But seriously, the dress looks great on you!

    -Emma from

  2. Gorgeous dress on you! And you are MUCH more patient than I am! I'm always afraid my size will sell out, so I'm scared to wait til things go on sale!!

    xox Sammi

    1. My friend is like that! But her area, supply is really limited. I'm blessed in the fact that I seriously have like 10 Targets in my area.. oh and that I'm ridiculously stingy at times. :)

  3. such a cute dress on you. i love the little cut-out. i think it's perfect for those who might be too scared to try the bare mid drift trend.

    are you going to be doing any coverage on the new kohls & target collbs. the derek lam didn't really impress me at all, but the kate young looks cute (should i even know who that is?!)

    1. Haha. I dont know if a lot of people knew who she was before this Target collab! I'm actually working on one right now. A bit behind because I didn't go on launch day and have been driving around to a few different Targets to try and find all the pieces! Hopefully next week.

      I totally agree about the Derek Lam one though. I think there was like one dress I was interested in and its not even sold in-store! The line launched on FH's birthday, too, so y'know. Priorities and all. Haha ;)