Friday, April 5, 2013

{Art} Gimme some giant panda lovin'

Samsung came out with the Galaxy Note tablet a while back. We were in the mall and there was this huge platform with a demo going on. Initially, we both glanced at the demo and continued to walk on... that is until I realized there was a sketch artist as part of the demo.

I immediately stopped in my tracks and ran over to the platform.

Could it be? Was it true? Finally a tablet with a pressure sensitive pen feature!?

No. Freaking. Way.

But yes. It was true.

I started squealing with joy and grabbed one to try out. While it wasn't everything I hoped for (but c'mon lets be realistic, what I really hope for is a Cintiq), it was perfect for on-the-go kind of sketching. Lucky for me the write to text function entrapped the fiance as well and he ended up purchasing one a week later.

I've only had a chance to play with it a few times since, but I'm severely in love. One day, I will save up so I can have one of my own to take with me everywhere. As much as I love my pens and pencils, I've always been very attracted to the graphic element of illustration. This would be such a perfect way to combine the two.

On another note, now that baseball season is really starting up, I'm hoping I can find a "Got Panda?" shirt to add to my wardrobe!

Sketched in S Note on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10

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