Thursday, March 28, 2013

{Outfit} Shine bright like a diamond...

Thought I'd give you guys a break from all the designer collaboration posts and Prabal outfits this week. ;) That and I'm currently in the process of unpacking a million boxes and have absolutely no idea where most of my clothing is right now. But yay for bigger closets!!! That means I can buy more dresses now right?

Speaking of.. this one from Zara became a fast and dangerous favorite. I can totally see myself buying this cut in multiple colors and patterns. Its insanely flattering. I have serious regrets about not getting the fish pattern way back when (especially considering how expensive it is now on eBay!). The funny thing is I'm not the kind of girl who loves bling. Aside from my engagement ring and a necklace FH (future hubby) gave me, all of my jewelry tends to lack that bit of sparkle--real or fake. But I love this print. I think its fun and casual enough that I could wear it to a day event, but can easily transition into night.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend. Wish me luck. I ended up with like 15 XL boxes full of shoes and clothing. FH is convinced I need rehab at this point. :X Ho hum...

Zara Jewel Print Dress (old - similar here and here)
Steve Madden Sarrina Heel
NY&Co Color Block Clutch (old - similar)
Angel Contacts Geo Nudy Grey Circle Lenses


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  1. My husband thinks I have too much clothing and shoes as well but I kindly remind him of all his tech gadgets that probably cost more than my total wardrobe! LOL. Then he's quiet. :P Love that dress and the first photos is so cute! <3