Monday, February 25, 2013 $20 Coupon - Works on Sale!

Happy Monday! Just popping in real quick to tell you about a coupon I stumbled across. I've been wanting to try Sole Society for quite some time now but was waiting for a good enough deal before I pulled the trigger.

Well, that deal is here now. Sole Society is have a 33% off sale and they just so happen to have a $20 no-minimum coupon out! And yes, yes it does work on sale. I don't ever pay more than $20 for faux anything, so this ended up being quite perfect. They have tons of adorable shoes on sale for $33.47 right now. Minus the $20 coupon you're looking at a whopping $13.47 + tax for your new heel--shipped. Thats right, they offer free shipping as well. And you guys know how much I love free no-minimum shipping!

Things to keep in mind. Sale items are final. So despite the fact that Sole Society does offer free shipping returns (woot!), you won't be able to return these shoes in case you don't like them. I have no idea when the coupon ends, so act fast.

I was debating between these two:

But decided on the Gabriella in the end. I think they'll like fantastic with my new Prabal Gurung for Target items no?

Alright, got all the deets? Ready to check out? Use coupon code GC_BEAUTY20 to get $20 off your entire order. No minimum.

Happy Shopping!


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