Tuesday, February 19, 2013

{Review} Prabal Gurung for Target - Part 01

Omg. It's here. It is finally here. Prabal Gurung for Target. I have been obsessing for months over this line. Reading article after article and finding every little sneak preview I could before launch day. I even spent an entire day on eBay after the NYC launch party doing researching on fabric content and "real life" photos. My final shopping list essentially ended looking something like this:

Some how, all of my "maybes" became "must haves" and then some. I ended up with like six packages that arrived on Friday all from Target.

Insanity, I know.

But that of course wasn't enough. I did the 6:30 AM wait in line in the freezing cold just so I could see everything in person. And do you know what insanity awaited me at 6:30 AM?

NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. No one, I should say. And it stayed this way until around 7:45 AM. I pretty much camped out in my car with the heater on blast until another one showed up and then made a mad dash to the entrance so that I could be "first". But yes, I felt a little on the crazy pants side. I was actually worried that the collection was a total bust (and at the same time secretly glad because that I meant I could get/try on everything I wanted.. which.. totally did not happen). Judging by online says and what is left of inventory at most stores, I can say I worried for nothing.

My overall impression of the line is that the prints were amazing. Prabal Gurung is very much known for his prints in the fashion world and this collection did not disappoint in that aspect (though admittedly I do have an urge to rename this line "The Belt All the Dresses Collection"). However, there were a lot more fit issues with this collection, where as, Jason Wu's line fit spectacularly overall. I also felt like there were a lot of quality issues, more so than I've seen with other lines. I'll note where I found in the reviews below. I expect to stumble across at least one or two issues with the amount of things I purchased/tried on (though, I didn't have this problem with the Jason Wu line), but I feel like I came across way more than I should, so it was worth noting. I personally loved the fabric content of this line more, though. There was a lot more cotton versus synthetic, which I really appreciated. I know cotton tends to wrinkle more, but it really just lasts so much longer, and in my opinion, wears so much better. Plus you don't have to deal with that nasty devil called static.

Now, try as I might, I could not get the entire review to fit into one post. I really just couldn't. By the time I finished going through all of the photos, I still had over a 100 to post! Server overload dudes. So I'm breaking it into two parts. The first to be posted today, and the next to be posted tomorrow (don't want to leave you guys hanging now ;).

In this review, you'll find the following items:
❤ Meet the Parents Print ❤ First Date Print ❤ Pleated Black and White Dress ❤ Ruffled Dress in Sulphur ❤
Lace Overlay Dress ❤ Sleeve Tee with Mesh ❤ Lace Front Blouse in Black ❤ Color Block Cardigan ❤ Flat Sandal in Black ❤ Lace-Up Pump in Black ❤

Thursday's review with have:
❤ Floral Crush Print ❤ Nolita Print ❤ Sleeveless Dress in Red Apple ❤ Ruffled Dress in Red Apple ❤ Sleeveless Dress in Dresden Blue ❤ Ruffle Front Long Sleeve Blouse in Dresden Blue ❤ Calypso Coral Dress ❤ Color Block Sweaters ❤ Pebble Racer Back ❤ Wedge in Apple Red ❤ Strap Ankle Pump in Sulphur ❤ Pointed Toe Pump in Sulfur Spring ❤

On to the reviews!

P.S.. when talking about fit for an item, I'm comparing it against Target's other collaborations (mostly Jason Wu).

$44.99, size 2

Please ignore the extremelllyyyy messy room. We're in the middle of moving right now. Entire house is in shambles.

The Good: LOVE. One of my top items in the Prabal collection. The cut and fit is simply fantastic and is probably one of the most flattering dresses I now own. The sleeveless dress in Dresden Blue is also in the same cut if you don't like floral prints. I highly, highly recommend you try this dress on. The cut is done in such a way that I can see this being flattering on almost everyone. If you're short (especially in the torso like I am) this will make you seem taller and give the illusion that you have a longer torso. The dress is 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex so there's a little bit of stretch if you are in between sizes. The thing that I love most about this dress is that it doesn't need anything else. While I adore all of Prabal's prints, a lot of them do need to be broken up by a belt so that they don't overwhelm your body. The front and side contrasting panels make this dress 100% effortless.

The Bad: Nothing. Ok, thats not true. Nothing for me, but I think if you have a larger chest you may have some issues with the proportions of this dress.

Fit: Runs a little small. In most of the Jason Wu items, a size 2 was a little big, but I feel like this dress fits me perfectly.

Worth the Cost? Hell yes. :D

$24.99, size XS

The Good: The fabric is super soft (60% cotton/40% modal). Easy to wear and would be great to run errands in.

The Bad: Not really bad. More like a "meh"? Its not terrible, but its not super flattering either. In fact I could see it making hips look bigger depending on your body type and where it falls on you. While the fabric is nice, nothing about it screamed "must have" to me, and I, personally, don't feel like running errands in a $25 top. You should also keep in mind that because the shirt contains modal it will possibly shrink up quite a bit. I've had tons of other modal shirts shrink on me despite being super careful about washing (think delicate, cold cycle, hang dry).

Fit: True to size

Worth the Cost? Eh. This would be a 50% clearance item for me.

$39.99, size 5.5

The Good: Oh man, I cannot tell you how happy I am that I got this shoe. Its simply marvelous. I've only worn these around the house so far, so I can't speak in regards to its long term comfort yet (though, I promise I'll come back and update when I can), but on initial try on they felt quite comfortable and easy to walk in. They definitely felt more comfortable than the lace up pump in the solid colors, and also felt a bit higher quality. As you'll see in down below the lace on the lace-up pumps are made out of a stiff shiny patent, which to me, totally cheapened the shoe. The Meet the Parents version use cotton-like fabric and doesn't make the lace stick out in awkward ways. The heel is 4" but it doesn't really feel or look that high to me. The best part of this shoe is that you don't have to worry about your toe box being too narrow since its a lace up!

The Bad: I've tried on three versions of this heel. One in-store on launch day, one from my online order, and one from when I ran to Target because my online order had a broken zipper. While a broken zipper isn't an end all for this heel since it is a lace up and I could still get in it, if I'm to be paying $40 I expect it to be fully functionally.

Fit: I found them to run true to size

Worth the Cost? A little on the no side due to quality inconsistencies.

$29.99, size 2

Again... we're ignoring the mess. Ignoring the mess.

The Good: I'm obviously that crazy person that buys everything in multiples. In my defense, I was originally planning on passing on the skirt since I was getting the dress, but I just loved the trim too much. The skirt itself is a great a-line cut. Nips in at the waist and flares out without making your hips look bigger. If you were deciding between the two, I would probably recommend the skirt over the dress just in terms of versatility. However, I do feel like they're both different enough that it would be OK if you owned both. Or maybe I'm just telling myself that so that I don't feel like a crazy person! :P

The Bad: Nothing. I loves it!

Fit: It does run true to size in terms of Target's designer wear. The 2 is actually just a little bit too big in the waist for me, but its not enough to really bother me or effect how the skirt wears.

Worth the Cost? Yeps!

$29.99, size XS

The Good: This is what you call a fitting room surprise. This top completely threw me by surprise. When I saw this top in the lookbook I thought it was pretty, yes, but completely unwearable by a normal person. I tried it on for the purposes of this review and ended up walking out with it. It just ended up fitting so well and I found that it looked great tucked in or out that I had to have it. Its very unique and well done. The lace is beautiful and if you look closely, you can see the flower petals on the lace look almost like hearts! The ruffles on the collar and shoulder use a very structured almost organza-like mesh so you don't have to worry about them losing their shape.

The Bad: The white portion of the top is a 100% polyester, which, I wish it wasn't because it got super staticy when I was trying it on (fleece leggings while trying on a million things is not a good idea btw). I'm amazed I managed to get a decent untucked photograph with how much the shirt was sticking to me. I don't really believe that this top will be for everyone with how the top is structured, but if you can wear it, I really think you should get it.

Fit: True to size

Worth the Cost? Yes!

$34.99, size XS

The Good: By itself, this is really kind of a "meh" dress. Shift dresses can be really hit or miss, and this fell more in the miss category than anything. The first time I put it on I had a huge urge to run to my tailor have some darts put in! This was, however, easily (and more affordably) fixed with a belt. The minute I put a belt on this dress, I totally fell in love with it. In general, I love the First Date print and how it wears on this dress. I also love that the bottom ruffle isn't overly done so it can still be worn by multiple age groups.

The Bad: Aside from the fact that it needs a belt, one of the things I really didn't like about the dress is that the ruffle part is a completely different material. From the feel of it, I believe its polyester. It makes for an interesting contrast (the print seems to show up brighter on the polyester) that I'm not sure that I like. I'm also not sure why they couldn't make it all out of the same material. The dress is super soft, but again, 40% modal - shrinkage is something to be concerned about.

Fit: Runs a big

Worth the Cost? No, not really. I'd say this is more of a 30% clearance item. Or in the least, priced at least $10 less. That being said, there is a high chance I'll be holding onto this dress anyways.

$29.99, size XS

The Good: This sweatshirt was probably one of the first things to sell out online and in-stores. People are just going nuts for graphic print sweatshirts lately (though, I have to admit, it looks smashing on Prabal). The outside is smooth and almost has a vinyl like feel to it, while the inside is a very soft fleece.

The Bad: Its comfy, but its not that comfortable. Especially if you compare it to the Proenza Schouler sweatshirt from the Neiman Marcus collaboration (which was priced the same). What really threw me off was the initial fit. The original XS that I grabbed was just way too big, and not flattering in the least. I felt like I'd taken a trip back to the 90's and hanging out with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I pretty much had full plans to pass on it when I decided to try on another XS.

As you can see, this one fits much better. There's a huge difference in the sizing even though they're suppose to be the same size.

Fit: Runs big

Worth the Cost? Yes, if you find one that fits you properly.

$26.99, size XS

The Good: Look familiar? Looks a lottttttt like the sleeveless mesh tee that Jason Wu had last year. And I love my Jason Wu mesh tee. Even more I loved the part of the print they chose to put on this particular tee. When I saw the sneak peek of it, I literally gasped out loud (would that be GOL?). Its breathtakingly beautiful and immediately flew to the top of my list.

The Bad: Unfortunately, it ended up being a bit of a miss (and yet another item I cannot make up my mind about). The mesh that they used for this top is the same mesh that they used for the lace overlay. Its very stiff, very structured, and when worn over bare skin, rather itchy. The fit itself is fine and I found it to runs the same as the Jason Wu top did, despite the difference in material (Wu was poly, Prabal is cotton/modal). The mesh is actually rather cool in how looks over your skin. I just really wish it wasn't so darn itchy.

Fit True to size

Worth the Cost? No. Unless it comes with anti-itch cream. Then again.. I haven't returned it for some reason...

$26.99, size XS

The Good: The First Date blouse and the sleeveless mesh are almost comparable since they have similar elements. I actually wish there had been this top or the other one in the Floral Crush print so that I could justify owning both. One thing that I love about this top over the mesh sleeveless is the fact that the mesh used on the sleeves is different. The weave is open and loose so it is a lot more comfortable to wear. If I had to chose between the two, I would probably choose this one, despite the fact that I love the placement of the print better on the sleeveless mesh. In the end, no matter how much you love how an article of clothing or a pair of shoes look, you're going to keep going back to the ones that are most comfortable.

The Bad: Nothing really. Part of me wishes this was a cotton shirt and not poly, mostly because I'm getting a little tired of the loose poly shirts. This blouse is nice, but at the same time the cut is not much different from the loose, sheer blouses we've been seeing every where for the past two years. Yes, it has a bit of mesh on the sleeves, but if it wasn't for the gorgeous print, it really wouldn't be anything too special.

Fit: Runs a little big, but that is also the style.

Worth the Cost? Yes!

$39.99, size 2

The Good: This dress surprised me a lot. I wasn't interested in it when I saw it in the lookbook. Sure the panels are super flattering, but the fabric actually looked heavy (more like a crepe poly). I was really surprised when I saw it in person and saw that its actually pretty light. The top of the dress is actually a chiffon and the hem fall in a very flirty way. The dress is full lined, so there are no see through issues, and has a very pretty vibe to it.

The Bad: Unfortunately, it seemed to totally fail in the fit area. The material here is a 100% polyester. There's absolutely no give to the dress. It either fits you, or it doesn't. And even when it does fit you, it doesn't fit you right. I had no issues zipping this dress up (I would say it runs a little small compared to Target's other designer lines), but there is all this extra material at the top of the dress! You can see in photo above, how it wrinkles up at the top because of that. I've also heard from other girls that they found the sleeves to be too small and tight and have a hard time moving in this dress. I didn't have this issue myself, but this dress was definitely not meant for my body type. I think that if you are someone who is very long in the torso, this dress will probably work for you.

Fit: Runs small and awkward. Particularly tight in the shoulders.

Worth the Cost? Not really, unless it fits you marvelously.

$39.99, size 2

The Good: The material is super light, despite being double lined. Absolutely no see through issues. The color is perfect for spring and will transition well into summer.

The Bad: The ruffles. Which is unfortunate, since this is a ruffled dress by name. I admit, I'm not the biggest fan of ruffles, but at the same time I don't totally hate them. There were simply just too many with this dress. They're everywhere! And depending on how they fall on your body can greatly change how your body looks. If I moved one way the ruffles looked super flattering, but if I moved another, I felt like I had gain 20 lbs.

Fit: I found this to be true to size.

Worth the Cost? On the fence, but definitely not for me. If it fits you well, and looks flattering on from all angles, then yes!

$32.99, size XS

The Good: Um. The colors are really pretty? I do like the faux leather wrapped buttons. Those were a nice touch.

The Bad: Why on earth is this cardigan so thin!? I get that this is suppose to be a spring line, but jeebs. Its way, way too thin and isn't even soft. Personally, did not like this at all. Especially for the fact that I couldn't even wear a short sleeve under it without the bumps showing through. And even doubley for the fact that it is 80% polyester and only 20% cotton! If they can make a dress almost 100% cotton, why couldn't they make this cardigan the same?

Fit: Runs very big.

Worth the Cost? No. Not at all.

$49.99, size 2

The Good: LOVE. These are the things that make this line so amazing. This dress. I cannot wear pleats to save my life. I don't know what it is, but they make my hips look ginormous. But this, just looked amazing. The pleats are done perfectly and are sewn down in just the right places. Super flattering and sophisticated, but playful at the same time. Also, great lining. I'm actually wearing a black bra underneath this and you cannot see it at all.

The Bad: Your significant other is probably going to beat someone up because they can't stop staring at how amazing you look in this.

Fit: Runs small in the chest, else true to size.

Worth the Cost? Give me a "Hell Yes!"

$19.99, size XSmall

The Good: Looks beautiful! Yeah.. that's about it.

The Bad: Super itchy, even more itchy than the First Date Mesh Top! Really unflattering on top because the hard mesh won't let the top of the shirt lie correctly on your shoulders.

Fit: True to size

Worth the Cost? No, no, no, no.

$34.99, size XSmall

The Good: I really liked the idea of this top when I saw it. It had everything going for it. Black on black lace, faux leather collar? What more could a girl want.

The Bad: Unfortunately, I just hated how this fitted on me. Its better tucked in than tucked out, but it really kill them to put a little more structure into these pieces? UGH. I wanted to take this home so badly.

Fit: Runs large.

Worth the Cost? Almost. Give the cut of it, I'd say its more of a $30 shirt.

$29.99, size 5.5

The Good: Again, this was another one of those, I really liked the idea of these but didn't really care for them once I tried them on. Comfort wise they felt OK. Not a lot of padding, but not totally bare. I have pretty flat feet though, so I can wear almost anything and not feel much pain.

The Bad: My ugly, beat up toes. And I feel like the metal panels could've been done better? They look too.. angular almost? The light just seems to shine off them sharply, not smooth like in the lookbook.

Fit: True to size.

Worth the Cost? Not really. More of a $20 sandal in my opinion.

$39.99, size 5.5

The Good: Awesome caged heel! What I loved the most was the mix of materials on the side. There was a faux suede, faux leather, and faux patent leather all criss-crossing over each other. I love how the different textures just played up the shoe.

The Bad: The laces! Really? Faux patent leather laces? Whose bright idea was that? So not comfortable, or even pleasing to the eye. They jut out in awkward angles after being tied (in the photo below it almost looks like the shoe is trying to hail a cab... might be useful in New York I guess?) If I were to keep these, I would swap out the laces for sure. Comfort wise they are so, so. Again, I found the Meet the Parents lace up heel to be more comfortable for my feet.

Fit: True to size

Worth the Cost? For the most part yes, I just really hate those laces.

Well.. that's it for part one! Stay tuned on Thursday for part two of my Prabal Gurung for Target review!

Hope you guys enjoyed!



  1. I love your pink hair!!!
    Thank you for your post!
    I was one of the crazies that bought my "must have" dresses online (at 2:30am!) and then went to the store when it opened! I picked up the First Date print sleeve-less blouse at the store.
    From the Prabal line, I got the Floral Crush Dress, the Red fitted dress, and the Black and white dress. Your post makes me want to try on the Meet the Parents skirt!

  2. Haha..you are great. I love your spreadsheet. I cannot truly call myself a fashionista, right now. You truly deserve that title. <3

    The blue cardigan and the black/white floral dress are my favorite picks. I really like how you styled the blue cardigan the multi-color kaleidoscopic dress. Very cool!

    I love your passion for fashion. This is another great post. Keep it up!

    - Anna