Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pearl by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa for JCPenney Lookbook

First off, this is the longest name in the history of collaborations. I half wonder what legalities happened that they couldn't just call this line Marchesa for JCPenney? Secondly, JCP kind of sucks at this whole marketing designer collaboration thing. They announced the collaboration months ago, and then nothing. Absolutely nothing. Minus tons of articles on how much money they lost last year. I scoured and scoured and could barely find any type of preview. And then, randomly, last Friday they announced that the line would launch in-stores on March 01, 2013. There was absolutely no mention of online sales, though pressumably the line would launch online the same time as in-store right?


Like magic the entire collection hit the JCP website on Saturday. No warning, no crazy build up, just BAM! Lace and organza. I didn't even find out about the launch until right before I was about to go to bed (and I tell you, I did not sleep well. I just kept dreaming of lace and organza). What were you thinking JCP? Woman after woman have been wishing ever since the Neiman Marcus x Target collaboration for a Marchesa dress in adult size! And here you had it. So much potential, so much build up that could've been done to really promote the line.

Then again, I did hear that there was some heavy promo action going on during the Oscars--after the line had already launched online. All that being said, the dresses are beautiful. I mean, really, really gorgeous. I haven't bought any online myself, and I won't at this price point. I will, however, be going in-store on March 01 and trying on all the things once again. The line is priced fairly aggressively for JCP. Items range any where from $50-$250. Quite steep considering that JCP prices tend to be even lower than Target's and we already know that the Neiman Marcus collaboration did not do well at full price. It will be interesting to see if this line actually does well given that it is marketed towards the prom demographic. I secretly am hoping it doesn't do too well as I want some of these items at a hefty discount. ;)

In any case, you can view the entire line here. I've picked out some of my favorites below, but my absolute favorite is the black lace overlay floral dress in the photo above. The JCP stock photo was too horrendous to use. I really hope it wears better in person than it does on the stock model.

Lace Floral Shorts $50; Scallop Lace Shorts $50

Of course you knew I would love the shorts right?

Taffeta Bow Dress $70

Really wish they had made this in a different color.

One Shoulder Polka Dot Dress $110

The red dress looks super junior in the stock photo compared to the promo one above. It'll be an iffy one in terms of how amazing vs how ridiculous it'll look on. Then again, I am one who believes there aren't enough bows in the world.

Tiered Tank Dress $70

Lace Overlay Peplum Dress $70

Floral Lace Bustier Dress $70

Toned down version of my favorite, and possible the most every-day wearable of my pics. Aside from the shorts, this is probably top of my list. Then again, I do have a couple of weddings to go do this year. Shall I grace them in a Pearl dress? ;)


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