Thursday, February 7, 2013

{Outfit} My Funny Valentine

BF is in generally, pretty darn lucky. I mean.. aside from the fact that I'm fairly awesome, I'm also severely allergic to most flowers, super light weight alcoholic, and I don't care much for the blinging kind of jewelry. All in all, I'm a pretty cheap date. Minus the fact that I constantly like to eat my weight in food.

Oh, and I really don't care much for Valentine's day.

At least not in the I need giant balloons and a huge declaration of love kind of caring. It is still so much fun to dress up! And it gives me a reason to put a heart on everything for two solid weeks. Seriously. Be prepared (cue Lion King soundtrack). You are in for a solid week of hearts, hearts, and more hearts.

I do hope you like hearts. :)

I've been dying to wear this outfit forever. Mostly because the sweater (you can see my heart patch DIY here) and the Rock of Legends top from ModCloth have been under construction for what seems like an eternity. I swapped out all of the gold buttons for clear ones. I thought it cheapened the look of the blouse, but now I'm totally in love with it. You could even say I heart it. Funny? Ha ha?

Ok no. But here is a great example on how you can easily change something up without having to buy a whole new item. I love this print, I just hated the buttons. And believe me, you cannot find this print without the ugly gold buttons. So I swapped them out. Its quick and easy and doesn't require superb sewing skills. It probably took me around 20 to 30 minutes to finish (even though it took 3 weeks to actually complete it all).

Btw.. I'm completely terrified of these shoes. They look amazing and, in true Jeffrey Campbell form, are super comfortable, but the lack of heel really screws with your head! I can walk in these totally fine but I keep thinking that I can't! Will have to practice tons so I can get over the fear. :P

Ah, Velour Lashes! How I've missed you. I blew a hole my last pair of Velours about two months before IMATS. Devastated. I tell you, synthetic ones just don't compare to these. I ended up buying three sets this time around (and yes I realize I still owe you guys haul photos), hopefully that last me until next year!

Do you like my new stormy gray circle lenses? I think they may be new favorite pair. They definitely look the most natural, with green coming in a close second. I'm loving these in prescription formula, though I have noticed they tend to dry my eyes out a bit more than the non-prescription ones did.

C'est la vie right? The things we do for love.

Have a great weekend everyone! And don't forget... Prabal Gurung for Target launches on Sunday (speaking of all things heart showers)! If you're following on Facebook or Instagram, I'll be posting photos the day of!

H&M Bowler Hat (similar here and here)
ModCloth Rock of Legend Top
DIY H&M Sweater with Heart Elbow Patch (similar)
Hello Kitty x Target Faux Leather Skirt
Jeffrey Campbell Str8up Heels

Velour Lashes "You Complete Me"
c/o AngelContacts Fresh Gray Circle Lenses


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  1. Beautiful shoes! I wish I could wear shoes like that, but I'm pretty sure I would suffer an early death. Hehe. High heels and I have a sordid past. ;)

    - Anna