Thursday, February 28, 2013

{Outfit} Keep Calm and Rainbow On

"So be honest... how much do you hate my outfit right now?"

BF looks me up and down, blankly staring. "It kind of looks like a rainbow threw up all over you."

I play a game every time I put together an outfit. Its called, How Much Will BF Hate This? Its not a mean game, its (to me) a fun one. Obviously I don't care if he actually loves or hates something that I'm wearing because, well, I'm wearing it and my opinion is really the only one that matters right? But BF has very particular tastes and a lack of filter, so its always rather amusing to hear what comes out of his mouth. Every now and then he'll surprise me and actually like one of my crazy mixed print outfits, but this was not one of those times.

Although, he wasn't exactly a fan of the First Date print from the Prabal Gurung for Target line, so the fact that I decided to throw every color of the rainbow into this outfit and mixed a print in probably set his brain a spinning.

There's really two ways to handle loud prints. You can go the subtle route and pair it with neutral solids and have the print be the main focus. Or you can could just go all out and pair it with everything imaginable.

Obviously, I chose the latter. But in some crazy way, it totally works. And I am now more in love with this sweater/print than I ever was before.

Prabal Gurung for Target First Date Sweatshirt
Cotton On Annie Skirt 2 in Lace Geo
Mossimo (Target) Pamela Heel in Purple
Xhilaration (Target) Clutch
Coach S2028 Sunglasses



  1. i actually love it! i'm a fan of bright colors. you evened it out with darker colors so that's a plus!


  2. Go big or go home right?? I love all the bright colors and I think a fashion woman's mission in life is to confuse her significant other. I don't think my hubby even knows what to say to me anymore with some of the stuff I put together. I think you look marvelous! <3


  3. Love. This. Sweater! I got my hands on one almost a week after the launch, and I love it so much. You look great!

  4. You just sold me on those purple pumps!! Outfit looks great on you btw :) Your legs look a MILE LONG!

  5. I totally love it! I actually love the first date print, although my hubby is like your BF and has some awesome things to say about my outfits sometimes (i.e. "clown shoes") I don't think your outfit is too much but rather just the right amount of color to balance it out! Just found your cute blog while searching for reviews on the calypso coral dress. You are darling.