Thursday, January 24, 2013

{Review + Outfit} Ahai Shopping

Its just past mid-January and technically winter is in full effect but I already feel like I'm in that transitionary period between winter to spring. I'm craving blush and mint tones and pushing aside things like oxblood and teal. Which.. is completely ludicrous considering how cold it is. As much as I'm longing for spring at this point, my inability to deal with low temperatures is preventing that from happening.

Hence the transitionary period. Mixing my light spring dresses with darker oranges and blacks keeps me warm and not totally out of season. I actually love transitionary periods. I find that it often gives me a chance to use things that I purchased and hadn't quite got a chance to mix into my wardrobe yet. Like this clutch. I've had this clutch forever. If Aldo didn't have such a great return policy, I would probably not have this clutch today because I am well beyond the normal 30 day return window most stores have. But Aldo has a "return at any time" kind of policy, and so this little clutch has been sitting on the floor of my closet waiting to be used. And she goes so well with this dress I received from dress from Ahai Shopping and it was pretty much love at first sight. It comes in a beautiful kelly green as well - which I'm not going to lie, was severely tempting - but settled on the apricot because.. well we all know how much I love blush tones. I really enjoyed Ahai Shopping because they have a lot of trendy items that are a lot more reasonable in price compared to Oasap or Romwe. Shipping can take a while (I think it took close to a month to get my order), but it is free, and the customer service is pretty awesome! I requested measurements for a couple of items and they were able to get them to me in less than 24 hours.

I also had a little bit of trouble checking out, but that was also resolved very quickly by their customer service. The item arrived exactly as pictured and is good quality. Its obviously not something thats top of the line, but I found that it matched the price point that was on the website. Overall I'm quite happy with my dress, and would shop with Ahai Shopping again. Especially since they have a $9.99 section that qualifies for free shipping as well! Actually.. If I'm being totally honest, I've got a few of those $9.99 items in my shopping cart and checking out as I type this. Multi-tasking is amazing isn't it?

Speaking of multi-tasking. AngelContacts finally has prescription circle lenses! Super exciting. Did you guys know I wear prescription contacts? I'm not going to tell you how I got away with wearing my last pairs since they were in fact, not prescription ones. I'm not going to tell you because its not healthy for your eyes and I don't want to be a bad example! Not that it matters now that AngelContacts has prescription ones available. I chose a blue and stormy grey this time and am planning on picking up the green ones again in an actual prescription. I love these lenses. I love the additional pop of color they give to my every day looks, and I love how absolutely comfortable they are. Oh, and that I can see in them. Thats probably the most important part. Because they are circle lenses and not just normal colored ones the pupils are cut larger (giving you that "anime" look) but it makes it so that you can see perfectly fine. Nothing blocking your peripherals.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I should have IMAT LA photos up next week!! :)

c/o AngelContacts Geo Nudy Blue Circle Lenses
Forever 21 Coat
c/o AhaiShopping Lapel Flounce Dress
JewelMint Bracelets
Aldo Natale Crossbody Clutch
Steven Madden Carnby Boots



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