Thursday, January 31, 2013

IMATS Outfit - Lets pretend its spring

Ugh. Just looking at these photos makes me miss SoCal. The weather really couldn't have been more perfect that weekend. I miss the sun. And perfect lighting. Haha. Its been so long I forgot how easy perfect lighting makes an outfit shoot.

This outfit was completely unplanned. I actually had something different in mind for IMATS, but as soon as I realized how fantastic the weather was I quickly changed it. I was no longer in the mood for dark denims and black blazers. I wanted light colors. I wanted to be bright and shine. Shine bright like a diamond (and now that song is stuck in your head huh? Evil I know). And so I went this route. With absolutely no accessories planned out ahead of time.


Then again, I kind of feel like the shirt stands alone well by itself. I love how H&M took a street night print but put it in lighter colors. I do wish I had had more opportunity to take outfit photos while we were in Santa Monica. The pier would've made for a great back drop, but we were hanging out with Ken's friends and family for most of the rest of the trip. And y'know my policy about mixing business and pleasure...


And thank you to Anna for being my puppet photographer (and to the random guy watching us for taking this photo lol). Did you know that Anna's actually half an inch taller than I am? Bwahahaha. Not in these shoes!

H&M Street Night Top
H&M Faux Leather Skirt
Jeffrey Campbell Drexel Boots (can be found here and on-sale here)


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