Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy new year!! Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve! I pretty much hung out with boys this past weekend while they gambled their life away in Reno (and man did I miss Anna severely). I learned how to play craps and won a whooping 72 cents! In the end it was Starbucks who stole all my money, as it was 20 degrees and below the entire time. Who wants to go outside when there's gingerbread lattes to be had within an arms reach?

Though I think I may have had one gingerbread latte too many, because now I'm sick. Boo. Haha, but apparently not too sick to return and rebuy all the things at Target. The entire Neiman Marcus collaboration is currently 70% off originally price - online and in-store. There's only about a day left to buy (and return) so get a move on!

Since it is the new year and all, and the new year is all about resolutions and what not... I do have a slight confession to make.

I've been a bad little blogger. I opened up a Facebook page a few months ago and didn't tell any one about it. Why? Because I secretly hoped to find time to do a total blog revamp with pretty little icons and announce then. Obviously, that didn't happen.

So that will be my new year's resolution. Blog revamp! Lets hope 365 days is enough to get it done, since y'know, last year went so well. :P In any case, don't forget to like the page and I wish you all a happy, happy new year! I hope that this year treats you than the last!

Top Left Photo
H&M Peacoat
William Rast Jeggings
Union Bay Elba Boots

Far Right Photo:
NY&Co Dress
Steve Madden Carli Heels


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