Thursday, January 31, 2013

IMATS Outfit - Lets pretend its spring

Ugh. Just looking at these photos makes me miss SoCal. The weather really couldn't have been more perfect that weekend. I miss the sun. And perfect lighting. Haha. Its been so long I forgot how easy perfect lighting makes an outfit shoot.

This outfit was completely unplanned. I actually had something different in mind for IMATS, but as soon as I realized how fantastic the weather was I quickly changed it. I was no longer in the mood for dark denims and black blazers. I wanted light colors. I wanted to be bright and shine. Shine bright like a diamond (and now that song is stuck in your head huh? Evil I know). And so I went this route. With absolutely no accessories planned out ahead of time.


Then again, I kind of feel like the shirt stands alone well by itself. I love how H&M took a street night print but put it in lighter colors. I do wish I had had more opportunity to take outfit photos while we were in Santa Monica. The pier would've made for a great back drop, but we were hanging out with Ken's friends and family for most of the rest of the trip. And y'know my policy about mixing business and pleasure...


And thank you to Anna for being my puppet photographer (and to the random guy watching us for taking this photo lol). Did you know that Anna's actually half an inch taller than I am? Bwahahaha. Not in these shoes!

H&M Street Night Top
H&M Faux Leather Skirt
Jeffrey Campbell Drexel Boots (can be found here and on-sale here)


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

IMATS Los Angeles 2013

Its that time of year again--only six months early. Well, I don't know if early is the right word. IMATS Los Angeles was moved up to January this year and that is where it is apparently going to say. I can't say that I was totally thrilled when I heard about it (especially since it comes right after the holidays!). I loved going in June when the weather was nice and warm. It meant light clothing and trips to the beach and endless amounts of sunshine. However wonderful I paint Southern California in my head, it is not normally that bright and sunny in the middle of January.

Thankfully, Lady Luck was on my side.

Oh, it was beautiful. High 70's all weekend long. I even got to spend time on the beach since it coincided with BF's Lei Out tournament. My packing... was not so light, however. It was still chilly at night--not like Bay Area chilly where I need five layers to stay warm, but a light jacket and tights chilly. Plus, we got to stay for three days instead of the usual two and with two kinds of events to go to.. well its amazing it all managed to fit in the car.

Especially since I was going with my favorite special someone. No, no.. not BF.. y'know who I'm talking about.

Yes, thats right! Anna! Who also, in true road trip tradition, fed us cookies along the way and they were uh-mazing.

I purposely didn't take my usual front-of-the-Pasadena-Convention-Center-IMATS-sign photo this year. Trying to mix things up and keep it fresh /wink. The truth is that with every year I go, there are a lot of things that stay the same, but there are lot of things that are different, too. If it was always the same I wouldn't be going every single year. Discounts can only drag a girl so far y'know? The funny thing about this year is the sheer amount of bloggers that were in attendance. In general, the blogger crowd has been growing steadily, but this year just seemed to have exploded. Elessa from PurseBuzz has had a booth set up since last year and I even saw a couple of vloggers talking to their video cameras while walking around (not sure who they were exactly since I'm not on YouTube a lot, blasphemy, I know). I'll admit, it was kind of weird to see them in person doing that. Its admirable really. I can't even take photos in my front yard without running away from my neighbors, let alone walk around a convention center full of strangers talking to myself--er a handheld camera? I guess that's not totally talking to yourself?

In any case, I had a lot of fun. There's definitely a lot more photos this year than last, so I apologize for the heavy duty traffic to your bandwidth. I'm saving my haul photos for another post for this very reason. Next year I might do a whole post on just IMATS fashion alone. There were so many different outfits from people in attendance and from the different vendors. And, of course, the Stila runway show was completely captivating...

...Or was that because they had a bunch of male models throwing out free brushes at the end?

Nah. That totally wasn't it. :p

That's it! Hope you guys enjoyed! Don't forget to enter in my giveaway if you haven't done so already. There's only about a week left!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

{Review + Outfit} Ahai Shopping

Its just past mid-January and technically winter is in full effect but I already feel like I'm in that transitionary period between winter to spring. I'm craving blush and mint tones and pushing aside things like oxblood and teal. Which.. is completely ludicrous considering how cold it is. As much as I'm longing for spring at this point, my inability to deal with low temperatures is preventing that from happening.

Hence the transitionary period. Mixing my light spring dresses with darker oranges and blacks keeps me warm and not totally out of season. I actually love transitionary periods. I find that it often gives me a chance to use things that I purchased and hadn't quite got a chance to mix into my wardrobe yet. Like this clutch. I've had this clutch forever. If Aldo didn't have such a great return policy, I would probably not have this clutch today because I am well beyond the normal 30 day return window most stores have. But Aldo has a "return at any time" kind of policy, and so this little clutch has been sitting on the floor of my closet waiting to be used. And she goes so well with this dress I received from dress from Ahai Shopping and it was pretty much love at first sight. It comes in a beautiful kelly green as well - which I'm not going to lie, was severely tempting - but settled on the apricot because.. well we all know how much I love blush tones. I really enjoyed Ahai Shopping because they have a lot of trendy items that are a lot more reasonable in price compared to Oasap or Romwe. Shipping can take a while (I think it took close to a month to get my order), but it is free, and the customer service is pretty awesome! I requested measurements for a couple of items and they were able to get them to me in less than 24 hours.

I also had a little bit of trouble checking out, but that was also resolved very quickly by their customer service. The item arrived exactly as pictured and is good quality. Its obviously not something thats top of the line, but I found that it matched the price point that was on the website. Overall I'm quite happy with my dress, and would shop with Ahai Shopping again. Especially since they have a $9.99 section that qualifies for free shipping as well! Actually.. If I'm being totally honest, I've got a few of those $9.99 items in my shopping cart and checking out as I type this. Multi-tasking is amazing isn't it?

Speaking of multi-tasking. AngelContacts finally has prescription circle lenses! Super exciting. Did you guys know I wear prescription contacts? I'm not going to tell you how I got away with wearing my last pairs since they were in fact, not prescription ones. I'm not going to tell you because its not healthy for your eyes and I don't want to be a bad example! Not that it matters now that AngelContacts has prescription ones available. I chose a blue and stormy grey this time and am planning on picking up the green ones again in an actual prescription. I love these lenses. I love the additional pop of color they give to my every day looks, and I love how absolutely comfortable they are. Oh, and that I can see in them. Thats probably the most important part. Because they are circle lenses and not just normal colored ones the pupils are cut larger (giving you that "anime" look) but it makes it so that you can see perfectly fine. Nothing blocking your peripherals.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I should have IMAT LA photos up next week!! :)

c/o AngelContacts Geo Nudy Blue Circle Lenses
Forever 21 Coat
c/o AhaiShopping Lapel Flounce Dress
JewelMint Bracelets
Aldo Natale Crossbody Clutch
Steven Madden Carnby Boots


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{Giveaway} Win a $80 giftcard to!!!

New year means its time for new clothes right? And whats better than new clothes than free free clothes. Yes, that's right my loves, its time for another giveaway!

And new year means things are getting even bigger and better. This time I've partnered up with MsDressy to give one lucky person an $80 giftcard. If you're not familiar with MsDressy, I recommend you check out their site. MsDressy specializes in dresses of all kinds - from the cute flirty dresses to full on wedding gowns. And the best part? They can custom cut any of the dresses on their website to your specific measurements. Part darn amazing right? And with MsDressy, you'll never have to say "I wish it came in a different color" ever again! MsDressy offers tons of colors options - the difficult part comes in trying to choose one!

I actually picked up this little number a couple of weeks ago.

All too perfect for spring huh? I got mine custom made as well so I'll let you guys know how it goes!!

This giveaway is open worldwide, and just like last time, super easy to enter! (However, unlike last time, I'm holding this after IMATS and not during :P). All I ask are for four simple things:

❤ Follow me on Google Friend Connect (GFC) ❤
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I've also up'd the bonus entries this time! If you "like" just.pandippo on Facebook that'll give you another FIVE entries! Insanity right? Well even more insane.. I've also made a couple of daily entries. If you share this post on Facebook or tweet over Twitter you can get an extra two bonus entries every day. All totally optionally of course! :)

The winner will be announced on February 06, 2012!!!

Good luck!!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

{Outfit} And right there is where I want to stay

I do this really silly thing every time we take photos in the front of the house. The minute I hear my neighbors come out (which happens a lot), I run. Its something of a miracle that we managed to get these photos to come out so well. Climbing up on a dirty ol' truck is no quick feat!

I'm actually totally OK with the idea of taking photos in front of strangers. If we find a nice park (or in Bryant's case, a dark alley way), I have absolutely no problem standing there like an idiot while BF takes photos. And trust me, people stare. Some even ask questions. And its awkward, but I'm totally OK with that.

However, when it comes to the people in my life? Not like close friends who know about how active this blog really is, but like my neighbors, or my co-workers, (or heaven forbid family members) this is a totally bolted door. BF says I shouldn't try to hide it, that I should be proud of it. But in a weird way, my blog is so personal to me that I'd rather share it with strangers than the people I know.

Is that totally weird or what?

In any case, I'll be traveling to IMATS this weekend! I'm excited and yet confused at the same time. Its only been six months since the last IMATS, but it'll be a year until the next one! I'm not sure what to stock up and how much make up to buy. Either or, I'm sure I'll come back crying and wishing I'd spent less because I need to save money for Prabal!!!

Have a good weekend everyone!!

H&M Cardigan (old similar)
Abercrombie & Fitch Dress (old)
ModCloth Alice In Necklace
Blue Canyon Boots (old similar


Friday, January 11, 2013

Prabal Gurung x Target Look Book

First of all, how adorable is Prabal Gurung? Actually, he may fall more in the delicious category than the adorable.

Secondly... holy crap! its finally out! I have seriously been waiting weeks for the Prabal Gurung x Target look book to show its pretty little face. Ugh, it seemed to take forever! I half wonder if they were trying to focus more on the Neiman Marcus collaboration and therefore held off releasing until now, because it does feel a bit later in the game than normal.

In any case... it's here. Oh, its here and I am so excited. I had to restrain myself from showing you guys the entire lookbook--I love that much of it. This is definitely worse than Jason Wu, which is saying quite a bit since I said I'd marry him. Does this means.. I'd willingly become a mistress? Hmm.. If it means I get to own all of this line then sign me up! (I kid, BF, I kid.. I think.)

Let start off with my must-haves:

Dress in Floral Crush Print $49.99; Dress in Meet the Parents Print $44.99

Blouse in First Date Print $26.99, Skirt with Lace in Sulfur Spring $34.99; Blazer in Floral Crush Print $49.99, Long Sleeve Tee $19.99, Shorts in Floral Crush Print $26.99

I mostly want the blouse in the first photo, the skirt is a maybe because of the pleats. Something I really need to see in person. The second photo? I would rock this head to toe. I seriously would.

Dress in Dresden Blue $44.99; Dress in Apple Red $49.99

I'm totally obsessed with both of these, but they're similar enough where I should only pick one.. but which one!?!?

Ok, that's a lot of must-haves already. Pretty sure I'm already in the $300 budget range with those. On to the maybes. Maybes because I'm not sure about how they'll actually look on, or I just really need to see it in person.

Peplum Top in Floral Crush Print $29.99, Leather Jacket in Dresden Blue $199.99

Both of these borderline maybe to must have. Peplums always need to be tried on. They can be the most flattering things in the world or the most horrible depending on where they hit on your torso. And a blue leather jacket? Um, yes please! But it being the most expensive thing in the collection will probably make it a bit unattainable. I'd rather have the five dresses over the one jacket! Plus with her hunched over like that, its kind of hard to see what it really looks like. :P

Dress in First Date Print $34.99; Ruffle Dress in Sulfur Spring $39.99

I don't normally like ruffles, but I do love how this is done. That being said, I think there's a lot of potential for making you look bigger than you are.

Pintuck Dress $49.99; Dress in Calypso coral/Atlantis $39.99

I adore both of these but I have a feeling they won't look as cute on. I think the Pintuck dress might make me look like I'm in Junior High (which is OK I guess, since I still wear tons of Hello Kitty?), and the colors on the short-sleeve dress will clash with my skin tone.

Surprisingly, shoes are at the bottom of my list. Not because I don't love the styles, but because I've never purchased Target shoes before. I have no idea how comfortable or uncomfortable they might be. I'm actually pretty picky about the quality of my shoes and how much I'll shell out of cheap ones. Most of the time there's $10 price limit on flats, $20 for heels, and $25 for boots. Granted, I'll give some leeway given the exclusivity of these lines, but for the most part I would really need to see these in person. $40 on a pair shoes, no mater how cute, that make my feet cry are not worth it any day of the week.

Lace Up Pumps in Meet the Parents Print $39.99; Pumps in Sulfur Spring, Nolita print, and black $39.99

The Lace Up Pumps in the Meet the Parents Print is probably my only "must-have" kind of shoe. I won't keep it if its horrible, but I'm willing to buy it full price at midnight to see what the quality is like in person.

Lace-up pumps in black, Nolita Print, and Apple Red $39.99; Ankle-strap in black and Apple Red $39.99

I love the Ankle-strip heels! Love. They actually come in four colors (Sulfur Spring and Dresden Blue not pictured) and I love the simplicity of them, and the fact that its a rounded strap instead of a flat. However, I don't feel like they totally scream out unique, and can easily find dupes at a higher quality, so they will probably a "on clearance" kind of purchase.

Welp that pretty much does it for my list! There's also quite a bit of accessories designed for the collection (pretty necklaces, bangles, and earrings) that aren't pictured here simply because they don't invoke that frenzied desired that the other items do. You can check out the rest of the collection here. I really cannot wait until February 10th. I wish the line wasn't launching so soon after the holidays (especially because I have IMATS next weekend too), but I'm sure I'll find some way to make it work. Filing for bankruptcy.. is that an option? ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Photos from