Thursday, April 26, 2012

ASOS 10% Off Site Wide!


This is currently what my ASOS cart looks like.

As much as I'd like to, I won't be checking out with all of this today. Though, lets not talk about how much I have checked out with. Work has been kicking my ass lately so I haven't had much time to prepare as many blog posts either, but I love it when ASOS does their extra 10% off sales.

Use BONUS10 at check out for an extra 10% off all regular price and sale items. This code is good until May 01, 2010, so lots of shopping times ahead! ASOS will save items for 30 days, so maybe if you can't budget in something now you can in a week or so. Ho hum. Devil on the shoulder here. :)

Don't forget to use Ebates, too! 3.5% back! If you don't have an Ebates account, you can sign up here (referral link).

And as always.. a couple of my choice items.

ASOS Lace Mini

Yellow and lace? Mini Skirt? Must have for the closet!

Confetti Print Button Down Skirt

I really love the print on this. It just seems so fun. Plus its got that sweetness that button down skirts have. Also, those shoes are so so cute!!

Paisley Animal Print Shirt

I'm not normally a big fan of paisley, but I love how the two of these prints come together.

Button Back Contrast Dress

I seriously adore the back of this dress, and at $14 bucks? I have to give it a try. I do think I'm going to need to get the hem shortened but I think it'll be worth the cost.

Bow Back Dress

Um. This is ridiculously cute. That is all.

Summer Dress with Open Back

And no visit to ASOS is complete without an open back/cut out dress. Especially when it comes in such a pretty shade of green (and pink :( though out in my size)

Happy Shopping!!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

pennies and dimes for a kiss

Its been a while since I used a song lyric for a post title. I haven't really had anything strike a chord with me quite as much (and by strike a chord I mean get seriously stuck in my head) until I heard Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe". I'm obsessed! Maybe more than I was with Selena Gomez's "Love Song". True story, I will have probably listened to this about twenty times while writing this blog post.

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong generation.

In any case, its been a solid, actually more than a solid week of nothing but sunshine in the Bay Area. I haven't worn a pair of pants since. I'm not looking forward to the drop in temperature and strange two days of rain that are set ahead. But at least it looks like the sun is coming out again this weekend.

And with lots of sunshine, means lots of really, really cute outfits I don't time to photograph or properly prepare for. So what do I do? Throw on my favorite pair of shades! Because I promise you, by the end of the work day, my make up is not so cute. Plus, who doesn't love a great pair of shades? I bought these for a whooping $60 at Nordstrom's Rack after I managed to lose my last pair. I'm still hoping they will show up one day and refuse to buy another brown pair until then. I love Coach sunnies. More than I love their bags, really. I've tried on $400+ pairs and they just don't fit my face as well as Coach ones do. Its like they're made for the flat faced Asian female.

Aside from the sunglasses and the wedges (which were a gift so technically it was low cost) this maybe one of the lowest budget outfits I've worn. Both the H&M blazer and top were purchased using a 20% off coupon, and the lace top is an amazing buy. It was only $14.95 and the quality for that level is rather impressive. The mint color really compliments so many things and the fit is fantastic. I almost want to go back to H&M and buy the yellow and coral it comes in as well.

But I won't. I'll be good. I need to save up for the Webster Target collection in any case. :X

Nothing beats out this skirt though. It was two dollars. Two dollars. It wasn't marked that way when I picked it up. In fact it wasn't marked at all, but thrown on the $9.99 rack. I took it up to the register to check the price and it rang up at $1.99! Lesson learned: Never hurts to ask. It could work out in your favor! Which means all in all this entire outfit cost less than $50! Not bad huh?

H&M Blazer (past season)
H&M Conscious Collection Lace Top
Charlotte Russe Skirt (past season)
Coach Sunglasses
Target Belt
Steve Madden Pammyy Wedge

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Monday, April 23, 2012

Winks by Georgie Review & Tutorial

Warning! Photobombed post!

The lovely folks at sent out a pair of Winks by Georgie for the my April Ambassador kit. When I first heard I would be receiving a pair of falsies to review, I was a bit worried. I may be the last person who should be giving a review or tutorial on false lashes! I suffer from monolidism (yes, I totally just made that word up) and I often have trouble with falsies. It took me years to get it right, and while I love the look, sometimes I still suffer with the application! I've had to throw away a lot of lashes that I got messed up during the trial and error process.

The Winks, however, did not end up falling into the messed up category. In fact they were quite the opposite. Now, these are by no means some miracle lashes that will put themselves on for you, but the process of putting them on was relatively painless. I think a lot of it had to due with the quality of the glue provided with the Winks as well. It got really nice and tacky and pretty much stuck to where I placed it. No sliding around!

When I first got my package, I was really surprised as to how big the box for the Winks was! Every time I'd purchased false lashes before, it would normally come in a box about a quarter of the size. But once I opened up the box, I realized that this was the perfect to carry your falsies in. Its just about the size of a large compact and still easily fits into my make up train. The lashes and glue stayed protected in the hard plastic case and you don't have to worry about them getting smashed by all your other items.

And oh-my-goodness. Look at those lashes. Aren't they beautiful? I loved how full they looked and how soft they felt. They blended into my natural lashes quite well, and because of the length and fullness of the Winks I didn't need to use mascara to blend/fuse them together. They also stayed on really well. I've had lashes fall off on me an hour after application (thank you oily lids), so it was really nice not to worry about that. And even better? BF loved how they looked! In fact, he was quite sad when I took them off, but I didn't want to risk bending the lashes by sleeping in them. Plus I'm fairly sure they weren't meant to be worn that way (too bad, wouldn't it be great to wake up with super full lashes?).

Removing the lashes was surprisingly easy considering how well the glue held up. I just rolled off the excess, placed my Winks back into their protective container, and washed off the remaining glue from my lids. And just like that I was back to a normal, non-existant lashes.

Winks cost around $28 and come in three different styles. The style you see on the blog today is "Style 02: L'Avant Gardiste". Its a little high in cost for a pair of lashes (I think even more than Shu Umera's cost) but I thought they were well worth the splurge. The lashes held up well and look/feel like that can stand up to multiple uses. I've had other lashes that claimed to be multiple use, but once I removed them they looked trashed and unusable.

When you get your Winks, there will be instructions included on how to put them on. I've also did a step by step tutorial on how to apply the Winks below. There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to apply lashes onto lids with creases, but not as many for the folks with a monolid or no crease. Hopefully this will help someone out.

This also marks my very first make up tutorial for the blog! Yay!

How to Apply False Lashes
Starring Winks by Georgie

Step 01: Measure

Carefully remove your Winks from their travel case and measure out the length that you'll need. This will really vary from person to person as every individual's eyes are a different size and shape. You may want to practice a few times on a cheaper set until you can figure out exactly where the right position/length is right for you. The best way to do this is to hold the lash up to your lid and adjust the positioning until you are satisfied. Mark the spot you want to trim off you with your thumb.

Be careful not to extend the Winks too far into the corner of your outer lid. It may seem like a good fit at first, but as you go through your day (or night) the ends of the falsies will start poking into the skin and make it tender. I always trim just a bit short of what I think I need.

Step 02: Trim

Trim off any excess and remeasure just to be sure. Now this tip is for the monolid folks out there. Because we don't have much of a crease, sometimes the weight of falsies can be too much for our lids and have negative effects/appearances (like hindering your vision). It took me quite few tries, but I found that starting the lashes about half way point of my eyes was the most comfortable to wear and had the most flattering effect. Sometimes this means you'll end up cutting off more than half of your falsies, but I promise you it'll work out.

Step 03: Glue

Carefully add a line of glue to the back of the Winks. Don't worry if you glob on too much, the glue dries clear and won't be noticeable afterwards. Bend the lashes into a horseshoe shape while the glue dries just a bit. You want the glue to be tacky, not super fresh or they'll slid around on your lids too much (it makes a big mess). I'd say it takes about 60 seconds for the glue to become tacky.

Step 04: Stick

Slowly place your Winks as close to your natural lash line as possible, pressing firmly on the corners. I like to use my fingers to help with the placements, but if you have shaky hands, you may want to try using a pair of tweezers. Try not to blink or move your lid around too much while the glue dries. You know you'll be good to go once you can't see the glue anymore. At this point, I normally go back in and touch up any spots of my eyeliner that may have rubbed off during the process.

Step 05: Curl

Don't forget to curl your lashes! This will help blend the Winks into your natural lashes and of course open them up even more. Now the Winks were pretty curled to begin with, but because I don't have a crease the lashes tend to hang lower over my eyes and hinder my vision a bit. This was easily fixed with a few quick presses with my eye curler. This may be a necessary step for you if you have a monolid.

At this point you could also add in a layer of mascara, but I really didn't feel it was necessary with the Winks. The lashes were so full and dark that it would've been over-dramatic if I'd thrown mascara on top.

And that's it! Just five easy steps to great beautiful lashes. I've included some before and after photos below:

As you can see, I have like.. NO lashes. They're almost non-existent

Super awesome, long beautiful lashes!

I had these photos done in black and white so you guys could really see how my lashes looked in each photo. The after photo was taken at the end of my evening, and as you can see the lashes held on quite well. I'm really excited for these and can't wait to use them again. I'm not sure if you guys recall, but when I went to the holiday party with BF back in December, I also used some falsies with my make up. These were a pair I picked up from Spencer's, and while they worked well enough (especially after a couple coats of mascara) they don't really hold up a candle against the Winks.

So what do you guys think? Will you be getting your Wink on? :)

If you have any questions or want some more tips on putting on your Winks, Bloom is holding a Facebook event tomorrow at 8:00 AM PST/11:00 AM EST and 4:00 PM PST/7:00 PM EST. The folks behind Winks by Georgie will also be there to answer some questions as well as myself and the other lovely Beauty Ambassadors! You might even win a pair of Winks to take home yourself! :) No need to RSVP, just log on to Bloom's Facebook page during the appropriate times for a chance to win and to get your questions answered!

Winks by Georgie was provided to me by for a complete and honest review. Opinions are all of my own!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

gone with the wind

I'm back from the dead! Sort of, not really. I've been working on a present for BF that.. unfortunately isn't quite done yet (even though our anniversary was on Tuesday, oOps :X). Its not totally my fault! Its impossible to plan a present for someone when you live with them! Eventually I had to cough up what I was doing and have been trying to lock him in a room or kick him out of the house just so I can find some time to work on it. My poor gym schedule has been sacrificed along with this blog.

But at least I managed to squeeze some photos/editing in! These photos look overly dramatic because it was fairly windy when I took them. Kinda made for some cool photos though (minus the ones I'm not showing you because the wind became my enemy), and really shows off the double colors of my blazer. This is actually my first Fashion Star item. I love the fact that its reversible! I'm still wishing/hunting that I can find the first dress that Sarah designed, but I think I may have to give up on that dream. (I also wish they would expand beyond a turquoise blue.)

Minus the Cotton On blouse, I think everything in this outfit is brand new. :X But I couldn't really resist these shorts when I saw them. The seriously remind me of Marni, but about 100X more affordable (even compared to the H&M collaboration) at a whooping $10. Granted they are kids shorts, but I have an awful habit of buying kids clothing anyways.

And of course no good outfit post can pass by without me talking about my shoes right? These were from DSW and thanks to coupons, rewards, and free giftcards I should almost label them as a courtesy of. I seriously love DSW. I don't know how they stay in business with all the giveaways they do, but they're really, really fantastic. Not to mention their customer service, I think, blows most stores out of the water.

I'd been looking for a great pair of pink pumps for a few months now, and when I saw the quilted suede? I was absolutely sold. Its a bonus that these are actually pretty damn comfortable! I'll have to invest more in Mojo Moxy shoes.

There will be more quietface time this weekend as BF is taking us to SF for the weekend to celebrate our two year anniversary! Two years! Can you believe it? <3 <3 Been the best two years of my life so far.

H&M Fashion Star Blazer
Cotton On Blouse
Target Shorts
Mojo Moxy Magic Heels


Monday, April 16, 2012

its an instagram kinda monday

It was seriously an awesome weekend. We had nothing planned and yet got to do tons! And the weekend for me started on Thursday (sort of). I worked half a day on Friday, but we got to go to the Warrior's game Thursday night - box seats. VIP entrance, parking and everything. I will admit. I felt fancy.

Too bad we loss really badly. But thats OK I'm more of a Lakers fan any ways (Shh, don't tell Nor Cal).

Friday night we got to see Totem! Its my third Cirque du Soleil show, although technically my first "real" one. The other two I've seen were more music based than acrobatic. If you guys get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it! I

All in all, I was really just happy that the sun came out (especially considering how badly it stormed Thursday night). It was a whooping 72* on Sunday! Which meant a nice long walk for the puppies (who thanked us by snoring like a train all last night). AND.. as you can see Instagram is now available on Android!

So y'know what that means? That means you should follow me (pandippo) so that your life can be filled with puppies and sunshine, and lots and lots of food. And daily shoe and clothing saves, because I know you all live for that.

Or don't. Y'know.. I promise I won't cry about it. /Whimpers.

:) Happy Monday all! Did you have a great weekend?


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PacSun Additional 70% off

Today is a double hitter at PacSun. They have two sales going on. The first, the biggie. An extra 70% off clearance items when you buy two or more. I live for these sales. These sales have pretty much supplied half of my closet as of late. Its been a while since they've had one online (my in-store is doing this sale as well, so might be worth checking out since in-store tends to have more stock). There isn't too much left, but there are a few gems still available. Especially if you're looking for snowboarding gear.

No coupon needed! Just make sure you add in at least two items that qualify into your cart. I got an entire snowboarding set for around $60 buxs! Yes, I said $60 buxs for pair of snowboarding pants and jackets. I know its not the most fashionable of items to talk about on a fashion blog, but if you're looking to be a snow bunny anytime soon, these are some must haves.

The other sale thats going on is a PacSun Flash sale. They have these almost every week, though the day on which it falls on varies. 40% off 40 items.

You'll need to use this link to access the sale, and then enter in code NEWFLASHGO at check out.

I personally didn't see too much that caught my eye in the 40% off flash sale, but I did pick up this skirt.

It is currently on sale at $9.99 and with 40% off comes out to just $5.99!

If you liked the tops I wore in these two pictures, they're now part of the 70% off sale.

You can find the Volcom Rocker Shirt here and the C'est la vie sweater here.

I've been eyeing this leopard jacket from Volcom for a while now, so it may have found its way into my cart along with the snowboarding gear.

Shipping is free when you spend over $75, which was rather easily done since I couldn't decide between two jackets. And don't forget! Ebates is 5% cashback for PacSun.

Happy shopping guys! Things were selling out fairly quick, but hopefully you guys get something good. Let me know!

P.S. I'll be a little on the quietface side this week, and some of next. Working on a couple of projects that are taking up a good chunk of my time. <3 Will be sharing them on the site soon.