Thursday, December 27, 2012

{Art} And they call it.. Puppy Love

kori and ball - charcoal and colored pencil on paper

Been a while since I posted anything art related and this is may or may not be an oldie /guilty look.

This was a present for BF for our six months anniversary. Its Kori from his puppy days and just the beginning of his ball obsession.

As you can see.. not much has changed over the years.

Minus the fact that now we have two ball obsessed pups!

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! What are your plans for New Year's Eve? I'll be out hitting the slopes (just kidding, more like falling on the slopes). It'll be my second time snowboarding... like, ever. The first time was two years ago. I'm a pro. Promise.



  1. First off, beautiful artwork! Just wonderful! Second, that is one cute pup! <3

    - Anna

  2. What a gorgeous pup!! Looks so adorable all curled up in his blankets!