Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review: Hello Kitty Forever

I feel like its been forever since I've done a large review post! Well, its a good thing the Hello Kitty Forever line launched its second edition! I posted about the first Hello Kitty x Forever 21 collaboration, but then never said much of after that. I did end up purchasing more than half of the line last time and was honestly so disappointed with everything that I ended up only keeping one item. For whatever reason, I decided not to blog about it either. Maybe it was too heartbreaking? Who knows! Like most short term relationships it was past and gone from my memory in the blink of an eye. All that was left was the resolve never to purchase from the line again. And I wasn't going to. I promise, I really, really wasn't going to.. Until I spotted this:

And then suddenly my resolve was out the window. It went from a "I must stalk the website so I can get this sweater" to "The entire line is SO adorable--buy all the things". It wasn't too long after I'd pressed check out one too many times that the fear of disappointment started to creep in. My two biggest issues with the last line was the sizing and the misrepresentation of product. In general, I feel like Forever 21 really needs to work on their marketing. Then again, considering you can't really get a refund for the things you purchase in-store (store credit only) or online, unless you mail it back, why should they? Which is why they aren't always my store of choice. But dammit, I'm such a sucker for a chic Hello Kitty.

Lucikly things seemed to work out a lot better this time around.

And like most of my review posts, this is a heavily photobombed. :) Enjoy!

Striped Bow Graphic Sweater
$24.80, size S

Since this is the sweater that caused all the mayhem, we'll start with it. I honestly cannot tell you how much I adore this. I love the slight boatneck and the faux leather elbow patches. The sweater 65% cotton, 35% nylon/polyamide, which given that its Forever 21, having more than half being natural fibers is pretty decent. Its also thick and fairly soft, gives you that nice cozy feeling. Unfortunately, the fit leaves more to be desired. In true Forever 21 fashion, the sizing is fairly off. I really wish they would come out with extra smalls more often. Its really not the most flattering sweater. It does absolutely nothing for my figure (I think it actually makes me look bigger), even though it is suppose to be more on the fitted side.

But its a keeper. I really just love the idea of it too much to return it. Is it going to be worth the alteration costs? Probably not, but in the long run I'll get more wear out of it because I won't feel so self-conscious.

Currently the sweater is sold out on Forever 21 website, and I don't think they got it in-store. If you are interested in purchasing, unfortunately, I think eBay may be your best bet.

Triple Bow Graphic Sweater
$22.80, size S

Lets talk about how much I love this sweater--because really, I freaking love this sweater (despite the fact that I forgot to smile in the second photo). For one thing, it actually fits me, and another, well there's bows all over it! Its super cozy, but not as thick as the Striped Graphic Bow sweater. This one is a 100% cotton, so it breathes a bit better, too. I really wish they'd used the same cut for the Striped Graphic Bow as they did this one. My only real complaint is that I'm not the biggest fan of crew neck sweaters, but thats a personal issue and nothing you should worry about! This was a great purchase and an immediate keeper.

Unfortunately, this one is also sold out on the Forever 21 website, but I did see it in-store, so you might want to try your chances there first.

$24.80, size S

For whatever reason, all of my favorites from this line, aren't really worth the money (exception being the Triple Bow Graphic Sweater). I know I'm totally getting suckered into these for the novelty of it all. Sigh. Sometimes I wish I did not have a love for Hello Kitty.

Then again, this isn't exactly Hello Kitty on this shirt. Its Badtz Maru! Badtz Maru needs some love too (and so does Chococat, as you'll see below). And Forever 21 really gave him the best kind of love. They put him on a removable clip on tie. Make no mistake, the entire reason I purchased this shirt wasn't for the spikes or hi-lo aspect of it. It was entirely for Badtz Maru. I adore the tie. And thank goodness its removable! The shirt by itself is not much to write home about. Sure the spikes are nice, and I don't (amazingly) actually own a shirt with spikes on it, but the material is pretty thin and feels a bit cheap. The fit isn't too bad actually. Unlike most of the hi-lo kind of shirts, this one doesn't seem to make me look like I'm covering up a pregnant belly.

I also quite love the detailing in the inside collar:

Obviously this one is a keeper. Not totally worth your money given how cheap the shirt feels, but you're not going to find Badtz Maru on a tie like this any time soon. (And yes! Its still available on Forever 21.)

Hello Kitty & Onch Movement Pretzel Bow Necklace

Buy it. If you see this necklace, just buy it. Its currently sold out online, so really, if you see it, don't hesitate. Just pick it up and take it to check out. Out of all the necklaces this one is the most verstile and will honestly carry over for a few years. Its simple and its elegant--and you can't really beat the price tag. It also doubles up pretty well as a bracelet.

$22.80, size S

I want to like this top so much. I really do. :( It actually saddens me quite a bit
the direction they decided to take with this top. There's absolutely no give. Inside of doing the right thing and putting in a side zipper so that the top could be fitted they oversized it, and honestly I don't think it works for this style. The print, while fantastic, is so busy, especially when combined with the lace, that the lack of structure actually pulls it into more of an unflattering zone.

The material itself is fairly cheap. The lace is flimsy and as you can see on my left arm, there's already a hole starting to build. This is most definitely a return.

Spiked Hello Kitty Shirt
$19.80, size S

This shirt is about the same quality as the one that comes with the Badtz Maru tie - cheap. The cut is different though. Its a hi-lo shirt like the Badtz Maru one, but this one seems to be cut boxier and the "hi" comes up a lot higher. The print is adorable, but I don't care too much for the spikes on the shoulder:

I'm actually a bit on the fence about this one. Overall its not really worth the money. I do like the covered button detail, but there are quite a few loose threads already. I think I would be more inclined to keep it if it wasn't a hi-lo shirt. I like hi-lo's but I have one too many already, and I miss being about to tuck my shirt in! Part of me also wonders how much time is left with this trend and is it really worth keeping for only a few wears?

Faux Leather Trimmed Cardigan
$27.80, size S

So this would be another one of those instances where I wish Forever 21 made this in an XS instead. Like, really wished. It fits OK, not great. If it was just a bit smaller, I think that I would really love it. Its a nice alternative to the blazer they had last year (which looked like crap on btw). Its cozy and I love that it has that men's wear effect. Plus how cute does it with the Spiked shirt underneath (yes, yes I know, I'm suppose to be trying to convince myself not to keep that shirt)?

See the trailing loose thread!?

The knit part of this cardigan is nice. Its thick and cozy - similar to the Striped Bow Graphic. The faux leather sleeves are not the highest of quality, and probably border more on the cheap end. Its not the worst faux leather I've ever seen, but its not the best either.

I'm on the fence, but I'll probably end up keeping this one and then cry when I take to get altered. It always seems rather pointless to get cheap fashion altered, but I do end up loving it more and wearing it longer in the end. So maybe its worth it after all? Then again, this was the most expensive item out of everything I bought. I may need some reader help in deciding! ;)

Filigree Print Miniskirt
$13.80, size S

Lucky me! Forever 21 made the filigree pattern in a miniskirt as well. Happy panda. Even happier that the skirt fits well and that its not just a stretch pull over your hips kind of skirt. There's actually a side zipper to this tiny little thing. The added bit of structure really makes it feel like this is well worth the money. Mine only gripe is that the pattern wasn't totally as advertised. As you can see the center of the filigree is totally off to the side in the front and then a bit off-centered in the back (yes that is my butt, its so flat you couldn't tell huh?).

Currently sold out online, but last I checked was still in some stores!

Chococat Ditsy Shorts
$19.80, size S

These shorts are my accidental favorites. I initially passed on them online, but after getting a chance to try them in-store I totally fell in love. The cut is super flattering and makes look like way skinnier than I actually am. They are pretty short, so they won't be for everyone that is for sure. I love the Chococat ditsy pattern, too, and the beige-brown makes it a nice neutral. Easy to pair with a lot of different things.

The shorts are a 100% polyester and come lined. The waist has a nice structured band and a side zip to keep it all in. These fit me perfectly. Like, so perfect, I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to wear them after this Saturday (my third, and last, and most calorie intensive Thanksgiving). Despite having a side zip, I do have wiggle them up a bit since there's no give with these - something to be careful of if you are putting these up over tights. They can snag.. I found that out the hard way.

These may be my second favorite out of the entire collection. They've since sold out online, but don't seem to be moving too fast in-store. There's a high chance that you can still snag a pair if you're interested!

Overall, I thought this second edition was significantly better than the first. The funny thing is that this collection is lasting a lot longer than the last one. It hasn't completely sold out and even the hotter items took a day or so to completely disappear. The eBay prices on these aren't insane either. I'm trying to decide if Hello Kitty has just spread herself over too many brands and collaborations now, or if there are others out there, like me, who were hesitant to give the Hello Kitty Forever line a second try.

Either or, I am quite happy I did. I love being able to wear Hello Kitty as an adult, but in a way that doesn't totally make me seem like I'm five.



  1. I'll buy the black sweater from you, need for a present for my daughter. Can't find it anyplace.

    1. D'oh! Sorry Char I didn't see this sooner. I already returned the sweater. :T

    2. Awww man, oh well. I just found your blog. Good job =)

  2. I love the three-color bow sweater, too. So cute! <3 Great purchases! The black PU sleeve cardigan is pretty rad, too, by the way!

    - Anna

    1. I think the 3 bow is my favorite haha or so far its the one I've worn the most! I wanted to the keep the black PU one but it was really too pricey for what it was worth. I'm much happier w/ my r&b sweater :D

  3. All that was left was the resolve never to purchase from the line again. And I wasn't going to. I promise, I really, really wasn't going to.hello kitty

  4. All that was left was the resolve never to purchase from the line again. And I wasn't going to. I promise, I really, really wasn't going to.hello kitty