Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Polka Dot and Stripe Placement Cards

Every now and then I remember that I have some fairly decent illustration/graphic design skills. I really only seem to remember when someone (Anna) say things like, "I wish I could find some cute placement cards that matches this party I'm catering."

True story. She really said that.

And then I say, "Oh, that's pretty easy to make. I can do a couple for you if you tell me what you want."

And then she yells at me and says not to take more than 30 minutes making the cards and I give normally waive her off and say, "Sure, sure.. its super easy. No more than 30 minutes", when the reality of it is, that it probably took me close to an hour and half.

:X Oops.

I can't help it. I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I'm sure I could've stopped around the hour mark, but I like things to look just right. And I wanted to create multiple colors! Why? Because I'm just an overachiver like that.

They came out pretty darn cute. I do need to work on (really, figure out) my pattern making skills. I can't quite seem to get the tile to come out evenly on all sides, so I'm forced to create the entire pattern across the board. Do you guys have any tips? I probably spent a good 15 minutes playing around with the pattern maker before I finally gave up.

I wanted to share in case any one needs aqua and purple placement cards. You can download the set here. They're not perfect, but they're pretty darn close! Nothing a pair of scissors can't fix anyways. ❤

Don't her cupcakes look amazing (as usual)? You can check out more photos of these cuties in action at My Feelings Taste Like Cupcakes blog.


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