Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Neiman Marcus x Target Look Book

Robert Rodriguez for Target x Neiman Marcus Lace Dress - $99.99

Well. Its here. It feels like it was just weeks ago that Target announced its future collaboration with Neiman Marcus and it's rather impressive list of top designers. But here we are! A little over a month 'til launch date and the Target x Neiman Marcus lookbook is now in our grubby little hands (computer screen?).

The lookbook launched as of yesterday 2:00 PM PST (5:00 PM EST) and immediately sent the world a buzzing. Overall I felt a little underwhelmed by the collection. Sure the items look impeccable; The attention to detail looks fairly spot on, as is expected from such high end designers, but as we all know, photoshop can be a deceiving little minx. The prices for the collection are surprisingly high. They're not completely unaffordable, but they definitely make you think twice about your purchase.

Unfortunately, its difficult to tell whether or not the collection will be worth its weight in gold until the line launches. Material content won't even be available online until launch date, and then at that point you know no one is thinking rationally. I think I'll stay up for the midnight launch, but I don't think I'll be lining up at the butt crack of dawn for the in-store items (that and we have a Turducken Thanksgiving that day, and I'm pretty sure BF will kill me). Nothing has totally wowed me from the line so far (in person may change my mind I'm sure). I do love the Lela Rose lace top, but at $70, I really feel like I need to see it in person to make an accurate decision. The Lela Rose lace top is the only must have on my list at this time. With a guipure lace and silk-cotton blend shell, I think it'll be well worth the wait!

What I found most disappointing, however, was the severe lack of women's clothing! Jason Wu, whose previous Target line did amazingly well, only designed two girl dresses and a set of fairly overpriced ornaments. Where are our Wu feminine cuts? And why will Kaylee look about ten times more fashionable than I will in her Oscar de la Renta leather collar and leash? Where's the dress? A top even? Diane von Furstenberg has a yoga mat (though admittedly, its a fairly awesome looking yoga mat)--I'd have better luck hunting eBay for the DVF x Gap Kid's line. We can only hope that they have some surprises in store for us on launch day!

In any case, I'll let you be your own judge and jury. You can check out all 50 items at the link above. I've listed the few the popped out at me, but again, none are really craze worthy. Though I'm pretty sure that won't stop me from picking up a piece or two. ;)

Lela Rose for Target x Neiman Marcus Top - $69.99

rag & bone for Target x Neiman Marcus Boy's Cardigan - $49.99

Marchesa for Target x Neiman Marcus Girl's Dress - $79.99

Philip Crangi for Target x Neiman Marcus Trinket Box - $69.99 (I seriously hope that was a typo)

Jason Wu for Target x Neiman Marcus Ornaments - $49.99

Oscar de la Renta for Target x Neiman Marcus Tote - $59.99

Oscar de la Renta for Target x Neiman Marcus Dog Collar & Leash - $39.99

Diane Von Furstenberg for Target x Neiman Marcus Yoga Mat - $79.99


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