Thursday, October 11, 2012

50 Shades of.. Purple?

Its no secret that purple has been trending harder than it usually does this time of year. And my complete and utter obsession of it is more than enough evidence. I've always thought of purple as more of a winter color, or at least that tends to be the time of year where I really, really start coveting it, but it seems as if the violet from spring has wormed its way into our hearts and fall wardrobes. In any case, while I am quite aware of my obsession, it was completely accidental that I ended up with this much purple on! But I think it works out rather well no?

I'm sure at this point you're wondering "Uh, when is she going to mention this seemingly rather random car on the blog?" Is it mine? Did I get some random, completely inappropriate sponsorship with Subaru (like Rumi Neely did with Nike--sorry I love you Rumi, but I do not believe you've done any type of real running in your life)? Or.. did BF get totally excited about his new car and wanted to incorporate it into an outfit photo?

*Ding! Ding! Ding*

And that would be the correct response. TOo bad this same car has currently been in the shop for about 20 days now. Which is fantastic since that is about the same amount of time BF has had the car to begin with! *Drips of sarcasm* I won't get into all the drama of how much Subaru screwed up with the BRZ, that's what Google's for! But I will say that I think it makes a nice accessory to my outfit. Heehee. Although, I'm really not sure what I'm loving more. The BRZ, or the Hello Kitties on my skirt.

Say what? Yes. Hello Kitty is all over my skirt. Hello appropriate adult wear that embraces my 12 year old self.

See! Kitties galore! Best skirt ever.

And then there's these shoes. These shoes, which look so clean and innocent from the front and then makes your heart skip a beat from the back. They're the perfect shoes to wear out at night. Do you think I could convince James Franco to star my shoes in the Walking After Midnight Stuart Weitzman videos? They definitely have that classy, boys will stop in their tracks like Weitzman shoes (Oh, one day, one day I will own a pair). Or even better.. can I get James Franco to star in the video with me instead? ❤

I will admit that once I realized I was wearing an inappropriate amount of purple, I added on even more inappropriateness with my violet circle lenses from AngelContacts.

What do you think readers? Was this too over the top? Or just enough?

Hope everyone is having a great week! Only one more day until the weekend! Yay!!

TJMaxx Top
Target Hello Kitty Faux Leather Skirt
Sam Edelman Roza Heels
Target Necklace
Cotton On Bracelet Geo Nudy Violet Circle Lenses


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  1. the blouse looks great with the skirt! nice ride, by the way! ;D

    - Anna