Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Shopping: Tips and Tricks Not to Break the Budget

I don't know about you, but I'm having some major shopping cravings. Its like the scent of pumpkin has been infused with impulse urges.

Must. Buy. For. Fall.

But shopping for fall is expensive. I mean, really expensive. Boots, coats, and sweaters? They all cost a pretty penny. Not to mention finding any kind of in season colors on sale is virtually impossible.

Or is it?

I'm here to tell you it's not. In fact, I'm here to let you on a dirty, dirty little secret. Just because something is last season, doesn't mean its not "in" season. Fall colors, just like any other season, pretty much circulate. Sure, each year a different color might be trending more than others, but for the most part a burgundy skirt from last year is going to be just as beautiful and amazing this year. With a little bit of research, its completely possible to afford a new fall wardrobe.

So where do you start? Well, this kind of depends on the type of shopper you are. If you're a thrifter, I recommend looking at the runway looks from Fall 2012 Fashion Week. Cuts and patterns often repeat themselves in fashion history, so you'll have a good idea on what to look out for. I also recommend checking out the Pantone website. This is always a great thing to do whether you are a thrifter or a bargin shopper. While you don't have to stick to these colors a 100% it gives you a good base line on what you might end up obsessing over (in my case it seems to be Rhapsody).

I'm definitely more of a bargin shopper. I'm a pretty darn good bargin shopper. Actually, judging by my exploding closet I might be a bit too good, but at least I can pass on some tips to you guys!

Everything pictured on this post cost me twenty dollars or less. The biggest winners being the snakeskin print skinnies and the linen dress. Both were a whooping seven bucks!

When shopping for your fall wardrobe, try to keep these tips in mind:

❤ Don't limit yourself to any particular store. You'd be amazed at the great things you can find if you just do a bit of digging. Especially when it comes to the boutique kind of stores--online or mall based. Pricing can really vary on same or similar items, so you really want to look around. I've seen the same item at DeMasque that I've seen on Tobi with a $30 price tag difference!
❤ Don't be afraid to shop at TJMaxx! I think TJMaxx gets a bad rap sometimes, but I've seen so many in-season items there, that its really worth checking out.
❤ Know your brands. If you're going to shop at TJMaxx, make sure you know your brands. The brands that find there, you can also find at Macy's, ModCloth, or Nordstrom. But there can also be some that are from stores that tend to buy lower quality item. Don't be fooled by the compare price tag! Do your research and always make sure to check out fabric tags. :)
❤ The same goes for Target! A lot of the items we find and love at ModCloth are really just bought and rebranded with a different label. Target buys from these same distributors, so, at least in terms of quality, its really on par with some of the things you find at Lulu's or Tobi.
❤ When digging through the clearance sections try not to get too caught up in the summer items. At most you'll get one or two wears out of them and unless you know for sure you are going to be wearing them the next year, its really just a waste of money.
❤ Know which stores offer rewards or giveaways. DSW is a great example. My red cowboy boots currently sell on DSW for $79.95. But thanks to Facebook Frenzies, coupons, and rewards, I paid all of six dollars and some change.

That's all the tips I have for you today! I've admittedly expanded quite a bit since taking these photos. I hope this post proves to be helpful the next time you are out shopping!

Happy Monday! :)



  1. great post! lots of good tips!

    - Anna

  2. Really helpful tips! I'm a bargain hunter myself so I always keep a lot of these things in mind when shopping. I agree, Fall clothing/accessories are pretty pricey, which is why I usually find myself buying Fall clothes in the summer and summer clothes right as winter's kind of confusing for my wardrobe but it saves me a ton of money. I rarely buy anything at regular price when it's in season.

    1. Ditto! I have to REALLY, obsessively want something to even think about paying full price for it. :)

  3. The blue skinnies are such a great score! Your tips are so true, and I can especially relate to Target. I go there way too much! Enjoy your new purchases! I hope you do more posts like this in the future :)

  4. You're my kind of girl. I have to be thee biggest bargain shopper-I hate full price!