Thursday, September 6, 2012

Breaking all the rules

Its 3 days past Labor Day and I'm still in white. Never really been one for that silly rule, especially when a California summer can last all the way until mid October.

That, and I'm pretty sure I don't know how to survive with my closet full of white shirts.

In high school I was actually known as that girl in the white top and jeans. I managed to break that habit a long time ago, but have fallen back into it with this recent trend of sheers. I can't help it. Whites are just too perfect (and too easily dirtied) not to have an entire closet full!

This top in particular has been one of my favorites lately. Its so easily dressed up or dressed down, and with a surprise back, it works for a lot of occasions. I keep tempting myself at Cotton On, wanting to pick up one in another color, but so far self control is winning.

So far.

Lucky for me I didn't have to impose any kind of self control over these shoes. They were a combined birthday gift from my wonderful friends ❤ and man, are they awesome. And surprisingly walkable. I think my male friends will regret getting me these when I start threatening their unborn children with the spikes. I'm pretty dangerous. Small, but dangerous. And now, I think I'm like, life threatening dangerous.

Gotham City watch out. Pandippo is taking over for the Bat!

TJ Maxx Lace Tank (similar)
Cotton On Trevally Mullet Top
DIY Shorts
Steve Madden Obstcl-S
ASOS Hand Harness



  1. You rocked this look. Those shoes are marvelous!