Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lord & Taylor + Project Runway: Capsule Collection

Project Runway has, by far, been one of my favorite reality shows. And this year, will be its 10th year on the air. 10 years of making people's dreams come true. Its all kinds of awesome.

To celebrate their 10th year, Project Runway has teamed up with Lord & Taylor to create a capsule collection. One designer from each season has designed a garment to add to this collection and the 10th spot is currently being battled out on TV - my money is on Christopher Palu, and not just because I have a gay crush on him. And if you weren't getting your fill of beautiful garments, cat fights, and "you're out", then you'll need to check out the 9 designs below.

The collection will launch on August 31, after the winner of season 10 has been announced.

Bert's and Korto's are probably my favorite, with Nick's an easy second. Overall I find the entire collection to be a bit too straight forward. Where are the prints? The interesting designs? Chris March and Monda Guerra are the only two who really even get close to have a print. Its all too uniformed for my taste. Where is that famous, beautiful draping that Uli did again and again on the show? I almost wonder if Lord and Taylor had a bit too much say over some of these designs. I'm also a bit sad that Chole Dao and Christian Siriano aren't a part of this capsule. Despite Christian's "fierce" cattiness, I really couldn't help but fall in love with his pieces.

What are your thoughts? Is this a collection a must have for you? Or a must pass?

Only a few more days until the finale!! I can't wait to see who the winner is and what the 10th piece will look like.

Photos from Hollywood Life

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