Saturday, August 18, 2012

Holy Crap.. Has it already been a year?

Snapshot of August 2011

According to my calendar it has!! Its been exactly one year since I've opened up just.pandippo.

Wow. Its amazing how fast a year can go by. Its even more amazing that I've been able to keep this up for a year. Now, obviously, if you glance at my archives below, this particular blog has been open for more than a year. Since 2009, to be exact. But it was more of an idea back then. Nothing I took seriously, or had the means/want to take seriously. August 18, 2011 is the day I consider as the real opening date of this blog. Its when I changed the name from "Artsy Fartsy am I" (I know, so creative huh?) to just.pandippo and decided that I genuinely wanted to take a crack at this.

When I look back on everything I've done this past year, I think I've done pretty darn well! I've accomplished a lot of what I wanted to do, including picking up a sponsor or two, and even doing some collaborations with boutiques. Its been a fun and frustrating process, and I can only hope it continues to grow.

And with the one year anniversary, I decided that it was time for another change.

A domain name!

Yep! That's right.. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a domain name for myself. That sort of makes this all sorts of official huh? Now will take you straight to the blog! No more accidentally putting in "blogger" instead of "blogspot" (I can't tell you how many times I've done that).

Thank you guys for becoming my readers and going through some of these ups and downs with me. I look forward to what the next year will bring!


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