Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting Older, Getting Wiser - Shopping for Trends

Believe it or not, despite the massive amount of clothing that I have, I can be rather picky about what I like. I always have an idea of what I want or what it is that I'm looking for, and I can go through tons of similar styles before I find the one. When I was younger, and even now I have a slip every now and then, I would "settle" for something that was close. That met most of my criteria, but not all of it. And the inevitable would happen, I would wear it once and I wouldn't really love it, or I wouldn't be totally satisfied with it so I would just keep buying more of the same item. In the end I would end up with twenty million almosts, and absolutely no must haves.

Now a days I try to be better at it. Especially when it comes to a "trend" item. Something that I know isn't going to last more than a season or two. Its a lot of effort, but I try not to settle any more. If its not right, then its just not right.

So what things are going through my mind when I'm buying something? When it all comes down to it, I'm really looking at four different factors and how they weigh out against one another--Cost, Quality, Style, Desire--with Cost being at the top of my list.

Is the quality of the item worth the cost?
If it isn't, am I willing to pay more to have this specific item, or can there be substitutes that I can be happy with?
Can I wait for it to go on sale and be OK if it sells out before then?

A great example of this, would be most of my outfit in today's post. ModCloth's Stunner in the City dress. I can't tell you how many weeks I agonized over this dress. I put it in my cart; I took it out of my cart; I put it back in. The brand and quality were well known and could be trusted. The style was really spot on and all I wanted to do was take it home, throw on a skinny red belt and call it a day.

So what stopped me? Cost. I love scenic prints. I think they're fabulous, and Motel Rocks definitely excels in this area, but at a whopping $80 I could not justify the price. In a year or two from now, that dress would sit at the back of my closet waiting to be sold or donated to Goodwill, and replaced by another must have of the moment piece. So I waited, and waited, and waited for it to go on sale. And it ever never did. In fact it sold out, and I cried and obsessed and stalked eBay for a month.

And then Tobi... got this shirt in. And everything was right again in the world. Obviously this isn't a dress, but in terms of everything else - cost, quality, style, desire - it worked out perfectly. In fact the I prefer the sheer element over the other style now. Plus the back is killer (and of course I forgot to take a photo of it).

The other item in this post... well is not so much an item, but a trend. Neon. Oh you know it. You're probably bleeding it at this point. Its been everywhere really, but on this blog. Why? Because I was waiting for that right piece (or pieces I should say). Lucky for me summer lasts until October in California so I should get a couple of more wears out of my shoes before I grow tired of them. Besides, I love making little old asian ladies gasp at the sight of my shoes.

The shorts are a slightly different story. The neon is a lot more subtle and will carry into fall easier. I can bring out the neon with brighter colors, or I can dull it down, so its been a really nice addition to my closet. Plus it was part of Forever 21's buy one get one free sale! Quality ended up being more than worth the price in this case.

In the end it was worth the wait. The total cost of this outfit is about equal to what the Stunner in the City dress would've set me back, but instead, I have three great, separate pieces that I love and can mix and match into my wardrobe and get a lot more than just a single wear.

Tobi Big City Top
Forever 21 Laser Cut Shorts
TIL Darling Breakfast at Tiffany's Necklace
NY&Co Charm Bracelet
WetSeal Bangles
ShoeMint Kaylen Heel



  1. Birthday Outfit! Nice pictures Ken.

  2. hello! i am also named Anna! hehe i meant to tell you that i love those shorts and shoes. they really make the outfit pop.