Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Orange You Glad to See Me, Ombre?

And the award for the worst post title goes to...::drumroll:: ... just.pandippo!!

/cue the booing crowd

Brain is a bit burnt at the moment. I should actually be asleep, but my phone finally got the Android Jelly Bean update, and of course I decided to do it right then and there, and well.. yeah, now I'm just waiting to go to bed.

In any case, this week's post brings you ombre nails! I had these on for IMATS and got quite a few compliments (and yes I realize that was almost a month ago now :P). The ombre nail is by far one of the easiest styles of done, and its definitely one of my favorites. Its ridiculously simple and it just comes out so darn cool! All you need is two polish colors and a make up sponge. I want to try doing a rainbow one next. I may try it out for this weekend since we'll be in Hawai'i. I'm seriously so excited for this weekend, not only to get away from work and relax, but to take awesome outfit photos on the beach.

^.^ The priorities in my life.

Hope you all have a great week!

Julep Maven Sasha
Essie Bone Chilling White (Part of the Morticia collection)
Seche Vita Top Coat



  1. I love this look for your nails, they look so cute!! I'd like to try with different colours but I hano no patience :/ However, really nice thing for summer!!! :)
    Would you like to follow each other? I've just followed you :)


  2. The ombre effect looks great on your nails! I love the colour. Enjoy your weekend.