Tuesday, July 17, 2012

its maturity that i'm lacking so don't, don't let me go

Today, I'm gonna write a sad song, gonna make it really long...So that everyone can see that I'm very unhappy.

I've seriously had this song stuck in my head for the past.. I don't even know how many days. It probably doesn't help that I currently have a playlist of Christina Perri's and Jason Mraz's albums on repeat. I'm going to see them in concert soon (and by soon I mean like September :P) so I'm just mentally prepping myself!

But really, I just love their music. Not sure if I could ever get sick of either of them. So between that and "I Won't Give Up", I'm surprised people haven't stopped talking to me due to the sheer amount of emo that is coming into my head.

I promise you I'm not that emo. I just like the music.

Well, OK, so I'm a little emo, lately. More like completely unstable, and I know you guys are probably thinking, ugh, still? And yes, still. I really don't know what it is. It could be the 60 hours of work and lack of personal time, or maybe its the impending doom that is coming in a couple of weeks (my birthday, and its a big one), but I've really just been quite sour lately. I'm trying not to be! Trying so hard that my poor little credit card is getting quite a work out. In fact, I've accumulated so much clothing lately that I'm pretty sure I should just sell off/donate my entire closet. I think I've basically bought myself an entire new wardrobe in the past month or so.

Though, I do think it is a bit needed. I was always worried that at some point I would end up on "What Not to Wear" because I wouldn't grow out of my love of Hello Kitty shirts and knee highs. Not that I've really grown out of either, but I think I'm slowly starting to become attracted to more "adult" styles. Very clean cut and crisp silhouettes. JCrew has become my new best friend lately.

And then I go and do something silly like buy a top with a big bow on it.

But its really kind of darling (funny how its from TIL Darling, ha ha joke?); Paired with a clean pair of shorts it doesn't give off a very juvenile look. Items like these are really great for this transition period in my life. It lets me keep that bit of flare and adorableness that I love, but incorporate it in a way that is more fitting for my age (and we're not going to talk about how old I am turning. As far as any one else is concerned I'm turning 21 forever and ever :P).

Unfortunately, I'm still having trouble letting go of my older styles. The closet is basically exploding with clothing right now.. but I'll get there. Growing up goes slow.

TIL Darling Tank
Express Shorts
GAP Clutch
BCBG Paris Heels

Sad Song - Christina Perri



  1. Hi, very nice outfit! I like your yellow bag very much and I also like your shirt! What about follow each other?

  2. adorable. i already commented on til's fb page about how you look so much cuter in this than i do. i got so excited when i clicked the link that they actually had one left... and it's in the size i already have boo.

    still jealous that you're seeing jason mraz!

  3. Amazing look, dear~ Love the colors and details that look good on you~!)
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