Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Orange You Glad to See Me, Ombre?

And the award for the worst post title goes to...::drumroll:: ... just.pandippo!!

/cue the booing crowd

Brain is a bit burnt at the moment. I should actually be asleep, but my phone finally got the Android Jelly Bean update, and of course I decided to do it right then and there, and well.. yeah, now I'm just waiting to go to bed.

In any case, this week's post brings you ombre nails! I had these on for IMATS and got quite a few compliments (and yes I realize that was almost a month ago now :P). The ombre nail is by far one of the easiest styles of done, and its definitely one of my favorites. Its ridiculously simple and it just comes out so darn cool! All you need is two polish colors and a make up sponge. I want to try doing a rainbow one next. I may try it out for this weekend since we'll be in Hawai'i. I'm seriously so excited for this weekend, not only to get away from work and relax, but to take awesome outfit photos on the beach.

^.^ The priorities in my life.

Hope you all have a great week!

Julep Maven Sasha
Essie Bone Chilling White (Part of the Morticia collection)
Seche Vita Top Coat


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

its maturity that i'm lacking so don't, don't let me go

Today, I'm gonna write a sad song, gonna make it really long...So that everyone can see that I'm very unhappy.

I've seriously had this song stuck in my head for the past.. I don't even know how many days. It probably doesn't help that I currently have a playlist of Christina Perri's and Jason Mraz's albums on repeat. I'm going to see them in concert soon (and by soon I mean like September :P) so I'm just mentally prepping myself!

But really, I just love their music. Not sure if I could ever get sick of either of them. So between that and "I Won't Give Up", I'm surprised people haven't stopped talking to me due to the sheer amount of emo that is coming into my head.

I promise you I'm not that emo. I just like the music.

Well, OK, so I'm a little emo, lately. More like completely unstable, and I know you guys are probably thinking, ugh, still? And yes, still. I really don't know what it is. It could be the 60 hours of work and lack of personal time, or maybe its the impending doom that is coming in a couple of weeks (my birthday, and its a big one), but I've really just been quite sour lately. I'm trying not to be! Trying so hard that my poor little credit card is getting quite a work out. In fact, I've accumulated so much clothing lately that I'm pretty sure I should just sell off/donate my entire closet. I think I've basically bought myself an entire new wardrobe in the past month or so.

Though, I do think it is a bit needed. I was always worried that at some point I would end up on "What Not to Wear" because I wouldn't grow out of my love of Hello Kitty shirts and knee highs. Not that I've really grown out of either, but I think I'm slowly starting to become attracted to more "adult" styles. Very clean cut and crisp silhouettes. JCrew has become my new best friend lately.

And then I go and do something silly like buy a top with a big bow on it.

But its really kind of darling (funny how its from TIL Darling, ha ha joke?); Paired with a clean pair of shorts it doesn't give off a very juvenile look. Items like these are really great for this transition period in my life. It lets me keep that bit of flare and adorableness that I love, but incorporate it in a way that is more fitting for my age (and we're not going to talk about how old I am turning. As far as any one else is concerned I'm turning 21 forever and ever :P).

Unfortunately, I'm still having trouble letting go of my older styles. The closet is basically exploding with clothing right now.. but I'll get there. Growing up goes slow.

TIL Darling Tank
Express Shorts
GAP Clutch
BCBG Paris Heels

Sad Song - Christina Perri


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

c'est la vie

I should have known that I wouldn't have been able to sustain the frequent posting forever! I've been really trying these past couple of months to keep things going, but its becoming a huge difficult due to time constraints. Most of my time is going to work right now, and when I'm not working I'm pretty much brain dead and I haven't had much time to do anything. I will post at least once a week though. So never fear! I just can't deliver the quality of blogging that I would like and post 2 or 3 times a week anymore. And honestly, I'd rather give you guys one quality post instead of several "filler" ones.

Such is life.

But at least I have an amazing boyfriend that keeps trying to encourage me and support me, even though all I do lately is yell and be angry. It was his idea to take a couple of outfit shots this past Saturday. Not mine! Shows you how far gone I am! Unfortunately we were running about town quite a bit, so we couldn't get that many great shots in.. but this first one came out just fabulous.

I wore this dress to BF's high school friend's wedding. I must've gotten like 20 compliments on it. The colors are really fantastic. Perfect for a summer time wedding.

But of course.. I couldn't just keep it completely sweet.

And had to mix it up a bit with some skulls. Actually, I hadn't planned on wearing these shoes. They literally showed up in the mail about an hour before we were suppose to leave. As soon as I opened the box I just knew I had to wear them with the dress.

Because skulls at weddings are totally appropriate right?

So appropriate that I had to have skull clutch as well. Although, you can't really see the skulls as well in this photo. But if you've been following me on Instagram you already know what it looks like!

What!? You haven't!?!


Well... I'll show it to you any ways.

and it doubles as a nail shot too!

In any case! Hope everyone had a happy fourth and for those lucky few that had a 5 day weekend. I kind of hate you. <3 Just kidding.
ModCloth Tulip Sync Dress
Betsey Johnson Betty Pump


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

IMATS Los Angeles 2012

Warning! Photobomb galore

Out of everything that happens at IMATS (thats the International Make-up Artist Trade Show for those of you who don't know), the one thing that will never change is the front of the Pasadena Convention Center. Seriously. This was my third year attending and every single year I have a photo like this.

Only this time, the line was seriously insane. I've never seen it this busy before - which was surprising since ticket prices actually doubled this year! (Just kidding, see edit below). I almost didn't attend myself if it weren't for the generosity of a very awesome friend.

The mayhem.

This was at 9:30 AM, people--IMATS opened its doors at 8:30 AM! I'd already been stuck in the MAC line for 30 minutes when I took this. Don't mess with girls and 20% off MAC makeup. Its dangerous.

So for those of you who aren't really familiar with IMATS, its a make up trade show that happens every year in Los Angeles (it also happens in Toronto, New York, Vancouver, Sydney, and London). Its mostly for professional make up artists to go and learn about up-coming trends, meet new brands, and to stock up on all of their supplies with crazy discounts. IMATS is open to the general public as well, and awesomely enough, we get crazy discounts too! Like 40% off of Stila, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown... Are you drooling yet? Because you should be.

In addition to make up crazed fans, fashion bloggers and tons and tons of make up, you'll also see actors/models walking around like zombies...

or with flowers and skulls.

This one was probably my favorite though. She was part of the Sugarhill brand. Its kind of like a 50's housewife got mixed into an anime character.

IMATS is really a great place if you have remotely any kind of interest in make up. Big or small, it really has something for everyone. Even if you aren't interested in attending any of the discussions or classes, its just awesome walking around and looking at the different things artists are creating. Personally though, I really like attending the classes and talks. I picked up some great contouring tips from the first one I attended, and I still use them today. Plus its always fascinating finding out what goes on behind the scenes or how much work is really involved into making a bloody corpse or something.

trying out orange lipstick >.< don't judge

Random: It ends up that blacked out store fronts make excellent mirrors to bounce a camera off of. :P I stayed out a wee bit too late the night before and didn't wake up in time to take some outfit shots. I'd blame my BMF (best male friend), but its hard to turn down a Pixar movie. Even if it is at 11:30 PM.

One thing I was really glad for this year, was the fact that they expanded the exhibit floor. This meant that there were more beauty vendors than before and at least in my opinion, even better discounts (which totally makes up for the increase in admission). They also moved all of the FX exhibits into its own room, which I thought was kind of nice. While it still falls under that make up label, it was always kind of weird to see Rip Van Winkle next to a bright pink background.

Make up artist team from the show Grimm, on NBC (one of my favs btw).

So what were the things to note from this years IMATS? Well for one thing, 3D is no longer in movies or even on just books. Its invaded the make up world now, too, and while I'm not a big fan of 3D movies, 3D make is rather awesome and totally unphotographably (at least by my unskilled hands). I also feel like make up is taking a turn towards the more dramatic lately and yes I know its a make up show and things are suppose to be dramatic, but I mean in the every day consumer as well. I've never seen so many dramatic false lashes for sale, and there were more than a handful of lip sticks in a variety of bright colors. Its really interesting to see how fashion influences beauty and how those trends get translated into make up products.

In any case, I'll stop blabbing on about the show and talk about what I know you're all dying to hear about (because why else would you be here? ;) - what the hell did I buy? Because y'know when Make Up Forever, MAC, Urban Decay, etc are all on sale for 20-40% off its down right impossible that I didn't walk away a few bills lighter and a few beauty bags heavier.

Here is everything, including a few free samples I picked up. Not too bad right? Overall, I only spent around a $100--which to be honest, was nothing short of a miracle. Stila had palettes 4 for $80. They normally retail for around $39 a piece. I really don't know how I didn't walk away with 4 palettes.

Probably because I did walk away with 4 glittery colored liners from Stila ($10 a piece w00t!). They're waterproof and pretty much life proof. I forgot to wipe off my hands after I got back from the show, went on a 4 mile run with BMF and all of the colors I'd tested out were still there. And of course, I wore one out that night, since we were headed to a club (supposedly TI, JCole, and Snoop Dog were going to show up). After several hours of dancing in an over crowded, dripping in sweat (yea gross huh?) room, my liner was still in place and barely faded. Pretty impressive!

I also went a little nuts on falsies and I really can't wait to try them out.

After the Velour ones (which are a 100% mink O.o btw), the purple and blue ones are my favorite. I think they'll be a nice stepping stone to the "unnatural" lash world.

I also picked up some MAC's pro-line items: Chromeliner in Black-Black (a great step up from their gel liner) and Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15/NW20 (which is really fantastic for your lower waterline). And the best part? I don't have to try and make this all last a year before the next one! They moved up next year's Los Angeles IMATS to January, so I can go nuts with all of this and restock in 6 months. :X (This may actually be quite horrible considering its right after holidays and after-Christmas sales).

What do you guys think? Would you attend this next year if it was in your area?

P.S. .. I also picked up some stuff at Urban Decay, but after I got home. They ran out of things so quickly that they just offered up a 40% off to use later on their website. Naked 2 palette.. you are mine! <3 Hope you all have a Happy 4th!! I'll be in Carmel soaking up some sun (and unfortunately doing some work). Update! I was wrong about the tickets prices doubling. There use to be tickets for just the exhibit floor and you couldn't attend any of the classes. Silly me didn't remember! (I took a class the first year, and I remember I paid $35, and didn't do the classes the second year so it was only $20). So actually ticket prices only went up by $5 - either way. Totally worth it!