Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shoe & Closet Challenge: May Saves

Fact: 21 out of 28 of these outfit photos contain a new item. And by new, I don't mean something I bought during the end of last year's summer sale and it's just gotten warm enough to wear. No, I mean, brand spanking I just bought this in the last month new.


Kind of puts into light my spending habits huh? And possible that I need to buy clothes I won't get bored of so quickly? Though I'm not entire sure how that's possible. While I believe every closet should have good high quality staple items, I love ever changing trends too much. I think I just need to be better about assessing when I"m bored of something quicker rather than a year or two later when I can't get rid of it other than to GoodWill.

At least I did better with the shoes! Only two of them are brand new, and one was courtesy of Bakers, and the other was a present (read giftcard) from my manager. But I'm obviously not doing well with the saving part. Almost three months in and I've just barely saved 30 pairs of shoes! I'm honestly surprised and I thought I was a bit more well rounded than this. I actually blame the fact that I've been so tired the thought of trying to walk in heels all day doesn't appeal to me very much. I've been reaching for the chucks or flats almost every morning. I better get my act together soon! Or I'm going to be very sad in 9 months time.

I've got some exciting stuff in stored for you guys! A couple of new stores to review/introduce to you.


Wait for it.

My first sponsored giveaway! /Squee. Stay tuned! You don't want to miss out on this! :)


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