Monday, June 4, 2012

Shoe & Closet Challenge: March & April Saves

I know what you're thinking. Its June. Why are we talking about March and April? And what happened to May?

Well, don't worry. May is coming tomorrow, but I needed to get through March and April first, and as usual I'm a bit behind. Story of my life! But as long as I'm still walking forward one step at a time, I'm happy to keep on going. Even if I am a little bit behind.

Which won't be for long (hopefully anyways). I was trying to think of the best way to bring up the Shoe and Close challenge without over running the blog with it, and I think monthly summaries are the best way to go. Also puts into scale how much shopping gets done in one month (ahem-yes, I bought 6 pairs of shoes in April-ahem). Since this post is a bit congested with a mass amount of photos, I'll put my thoughts in the next one. These last 3 months have been quite interesting, and very insightful. I'm really glad I decided to take these challenges on, because I think I'm learning a lot about my spending habits and my overall wearing habits.

In any case! Enjoy! And if you want to see a bigger picture of any of the photos you can click on the album in the side menu.

Happy Monday! Hope ya'll had a fantastic weekend.


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  1. I'm a shoe addict too, I bought like 5 pairs this month! Lol you have so many cute ones!

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