Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pacifica Bath & Body Review

I don't know about you guys, but I'm quite horrible when it comes to moisturizing, or using most kind of body products. Y'know the basics to maintaining nice soft skin? Which is ironic since I spent almost 2 years working inside a Bath and Body Works! That's why I adore products that have amazing scents to them (my skin has never seen a time as great as when I worked at BBW). I find that a great scent is really motivating when it comes to what products I will use because it'll not only let me skip the perfume step, but it makes the whole routine of it quite enjoyable. And when it comes to fantastic scents, you really can't go wrong with Pacifica Beauty Products.

Pacifica was founded by Brooke Harvey Taylor, who has always loved a world of scent. As a child she was fascinated by the different spices used in cooking and the aromas that they created. That fascination grew into creating sophisticated, enlivening fragrances, like you will find in the Pacifica Beauty line. And the great thing about Pacifica is that there are no phthalates, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, benzene, GMO’s, mineral oil, or triclosan--so its pretty much friendly to all skin types. Pacifica also follows a strict no animal testing policy (yay for the animals!).

When I received my box from I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of items in it to try! The Blood Orange became my instant favorite and I couldn't wait to start using it on a daily basis. Pacifica included a number of items that pretty much would cover my body beauty needs from head to toe!

Coconut Nectar & Blood Orange - $9.00

It almost feels wrong to start of this review post with my least favorite of all the products, but I like to end things on a positive note (which you will see below). I felt out of everything I received the Natural Lip Tints fell a bit short in the scent area - which is the key to all things Pacifica really!

When you first uncap the tint you are immediately hit with this amazing scent. Again, the Blood Orange was indeed my favorite of the two. Its such a nice, fresh, invigorating scent, I don't see how you could possible go wrong with it. Coconut nectar is a bit sweeter, very coconut-y, but without being too heavy. You can't really detect the nectar part as much, but I believe that's what counters the coconut half from being too overwhelming. Its BF's favorite over the Blood Orange.

Unfortunately, once you put the product on your lips, you lose that great scent that hit you initially, and the balminess of the lip base takes over. The product itself moisturizes well and adds a nice hint of color to your lips, but the balm smell does bother me a bit after a while. I also wish the container itself was a bit smaller. When I put the product on my lips I feel like I'm painting my face! At $9 a pop, this one is a definite pass for me.


Ugh, this stuff smells fantastic. It really hits you with this sort of "omg, I want cupcakes" kind of feeling when you're using the Coconut Nectar. As far as the body butter goes, its nice and heavy and really sets into the skin. I feel like its almost more of an in between lotion and a body butter (more like a body cream?). But for me when I think body butters, I think of the kind that are so thick they have to be scooped out of container, and wouldn't be able to be squeezed out of a tube. Which is just fine with me, I'm actually not a fan of using lotions that are that heavy and I feel like this is great when I need the high moisturizing properties of a body butter, but still want that lighter touch of a lotion.


Hands down, my favorite. I seriously want the entire line in this scent. From what I've seen from the other Bloom Ambassadors, its almost everyone's favorite - a true hero product. I like to use this scent in the morning since it has a sort of "pick me up" kind of energy to it. Its just a little tangy mixed with a little bit of sweetness and hits this perfect balance that'll make you want to wear this anywhere. Again its more of a cream than a body butter, and its great to use when you're looking for that in between. This one is a highly recommend, even though it is a bit pricey. Its hard to find products that will last beyond the initial application, and Pacifica does a fantastic job at that.


This is another pass for me. The main reason being that I didn't see much of a difference between this and the body butter version. The bronzing is really light, and I'm not sure a heavier application would show up more, but considering the product costs $24, it wouldn't really be worth it if you ended up having to use an entire bottle just to get your legs bronzed! Other than that its great, but its better off used as a moisturizer than anything else.


I'm not a big perfume wearer. I'm a bit prone to headaches and migraines, and really strong scents that you often find in perfumes (and people who haven't showered in a few days) seem to be the biggest cause of them. I much more prefer body sprays since they're often lighter. Needless to say when I saw that I would be testing out a new perfume I was a bit worried. Thankfully, this Island Vanilla perfume gets to be one of my exceptions. Its a great light vanilla scent. Not too sweet, not to heavy. Really perfect for every day use. The roll-on applicator makes it ideal to throw in your purse and carry with you wherever you go. The scent doesn't over power your senses but doesn't fade out quickly either. This was a really good product for me to try out and I'm quite fond of it now.

Overall I really enjoyed the line from Pacifica. I think they really hit it dead-on with most of the smells and I'm really curious now to try out some of the other scents - particular the Hawaiian Ruby Guava! MmMmm.. I already have a fairly big weakness for all things guava tastey, don't see why that wouldn't extend to body care!

For even more tastey fun, head over to Bloom's Facebook page at 10:00 AM or 4:00 PM PST today to join in on their Q&A session.

These products in this post were provided to me by for review. All opinions are of my own and have not been influenced by or Pacifica in any matter.


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