Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I sneak out to the garden to see you.. close your eyes, escape this town for a little while

Its beauty week here on just.pandippo. Or I've been so behind on my beauty posts that I've now had to combine them all together and I'm just pretending that I planned this all out like some awesome event. That sounds a lot more well prepared, and it coincides fantastically with my trip to IMATS this weekend.

So yes. I totally planned out beauty week on purpose!

In any case, we're going to kick things off with my second favorite kind of beauty art - make up! (Nail art is actually my first favorite, but I think its because lot easier to do :P).

A good eyeshadow look is difficult to accomplish sometimes when you're monolid. You can't always use the same rules as provided in the tutorials without the fear of looking like a goldfish. Its taken me a few years to master the correct way to do a smokey eye and I'm really still learning every day. Stila shadows have always been one of my favorites because of the quality and color pay off. I already have several of their palettes so I was more than delighted to have an opportunity to create some looks with their newest ones - In the Moment and In The Garden.

And of course I couldn't miss an opportunity to bug Bryant for a photoshoot. Hard to believe he's never done make up shots before! Hope you guys enjoy!

Stila "In The Moment" Palette

Base - Desire
Inner Top + Bottom Corner - Instinct
Inner Lid - Impulse
Outer Lid - Glance
Outer Corner - Improvise & Catalyst
Bottom Lid - Catalyst
Eyeliner - Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black
Mascara - Lashfood Conditioning in Black

Stila "In the Garden" Palette

Base - Breeze
Brow Highlight - Chinois
Inner Top + Bottom Corner - Sage
Top Lid - Rosette
Outer Corner - Juniper
Bottom Lid - Freesia (using a wet brush)
Eyeliner - Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black
Mascara - Lashfood Conditioning in Black

These products in this post were provided to me by Bloom.com for review. All opinions are of my own and have not been influenced by Bloom.com or Stila in any matter. Please note that this post does contain referral links.