Thursday, June 14, 2012

God knows, we're worth it

There is so much awesome going on in this outfit that I don't even know what to tell you. Its just head to toe awesome. Minus the fact that I'm (yet, again) sick in this photo, I'm pretty much in love with this outfit. I even got boob-stared at by a gay man because of it.

Ok, so maybe he was staring more at my necklace than my boobs, but it was such an obvious stare that it really could've been mistaken as a boob-stare.

So what makes this outfit so spectacular? Well, lets start with the vest. I made it. Well, ok, no. I didn't make it make it--I took an existing vest, emptied our house of bleach and threw in a packet of dye remover and made my very own ombre vest! And considering wanted $50 for one just like it, I'm pretty darn pleased with myself. I tried to look for a thrifted vest, but none of the styles really suited my tastes. I got lucky and found one at Target for less than $15! Add in a dollar or two for the dye removal and I just saved myself $35. /puffed-out-chest-full-of-pride.

Honestly, I'm really surprised at how well it turned out. This was my first attempt and considering how dangerous bleach is, I'm really pleased that this garment is wearable (there may have been an incident when I was younger involving bleach, too much hot water, shred to pieces jeans) and that I managed not to destroy another garment in the proces of making this one!

So the second awesome, would be these shoes, which are ridiculously comfortable and so, so, so cute. I swear they match with everything and more importantly, doesn't make BF wish I hadn't worn heels because I'm complaining about how much they hurt! I'm really sad for Betsey Johnson's bankruptcy! I've really developed a taste for her shoes, which are a lot more affordable (and wearable) than her gorgeous dresses.

The third level of awesome? This dress~ (imagine a high pitched voice singing out here). Its just gorgeous and simple and elegant. It can pretty much be worn with anything and everything, given the beautiful shade of peach. I'm so in love with it. Its a tad big on top, but if I pair it with this vest, you can't even tell. I'll eventually get it altered, but for now I'm happy wearing it as is. I especially love that despite the fact that this is suppose to be a maxi dress, it is seriously the perfect length on me. I can wear it with flats or heels and not have to worry about tripping over the tail. Another great item thanks to!!

That's all for now folks! I think I'll be taking another dive into the bleach + dip-dye effect. I may even do a tutorial for the blog if I think I can handle having a camera in one hand and bleach in the other (imaging BF's look of terror right now).

If you haven't had a chance to enter in my giveaway yet.. the clock's a ticking! :)

DIY Ombre Vest
c/o OASAP Hi-Lo Dress
Betsey Johnson Ryaan Booties
Target Belt
Vintage Necklace
NY&Co Bracelets



  1. I love asymmetric skirts and dresses and i really like how you paired your nude dress with a denim vest. i also like the washed effect on the vest =)

  2. Love that effect on the vest! I've seen other versions of that vest being sold, yet they don't look as good as yours! Did you look up a tutorial on how to do it? Please share if you did! Also, love the Mraz reference in your title. :)

    1. hahah omg <3 I love that you got the title reference. i realize I forgot to put the song title in the bottom!

      and no i didn't because it was the first time i was doing it and... i had no idea if it was going to come out well. hahahaha.. but it was so much fun i plans to do a long sleeve version so i'll do a tutorial for that one :) i'm so glad you liked it!

  3. I love this outfit and great job on the vest! It looks awesome!

    The Lovely Memoir