Monday, June 18, 2012

Dollar Days

About two years ago we went to the horse races for the first time and had a blast. Dollar days are a yearly happening at Golden Gate Fields and while we tried to go last year, we just couldn't quite work it into our schedule. But this year lil Miss Anna decided to take matters into her own hand and scheduled an outting.

Its hard to go wrong with Dollar days. Dollar dogs, dollar sodas, dollar beers. Tell you the truth, I think that might be the real reason people show up.

Me? I just like to take any opportunity to soak in the sun. And take pretty pictures.

And to wear really cute floppy hats! That was the real reason. The boys may have come for the dollar beers, but we came to wear cute floppy hats!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! :)


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