Monday, May 14, 2012

Julep Maven Review

My first box from Julep Maven arrived this week! Very exciting stuff here, as nail polish should be. This is my first time trying out an "expensive" polish. Still not expensive as some of the polishes out there, but $14 a pop is fairly hefty for me.

In any case, since it cost all of a penny, it was a good opportunity to see what a $14 polish felt like. To be honest, a lot of times I don't see a difference between an $8 OPI polish or a $2 Sinful Color one, but this has varied between colors. On to the review...

The Good. Immediately I was impressed by how little polish I needed to apply. Actually, the correct impression would be slightly freaked out because the consistency of the polish is almost a bit runny and I galloped on way too much and created a rather uneven mess that had to be redone (think lots of bleed over into my cuticle). Once I got control of my over applying, I found the polish to be rather fantastic. They didn't streak very much, and in the case of the pink and purple shades the color pay off was amazing. I really only felt like I needed one coat to get the same color that you see in the bottle.

I used a layer of clear polish as my based coat to prevent the brighter colors from bleeding into my nails. The I put on one coat of each color (and I would tell you the colors but you'll see why I can't in the "The Bad"), and finished off with another layer of top coat.

Out of curiosity, I decided to apply two coats on my left hand.

Same procedure as the one above, except I used two coats of color instead of just the one. And as you can see there's really no difference between the two--at least in the case of bright colors. I shot a couple of close ups below (actually BF shot the close ups as last time I checked I did not have 3 hands).

This is a close up of the pink color. The bottom nail is the one with two coats. See? Couldn't tell the difference if I hadn't told you right?

This is a close up of the silver color--Heather. The bottom nail is the one with two coats and as you can see is quite a bit darker. The top nail is almost sheer, and truth be told, I prefer it to the two coated one.

Which leads me to...

The Bad. If you recall the first post I wrote, I was suppose to receive Fina (sky blue metallic), Nessa (yellow shimmer), and Sarah (sheer pink coral). That is definitely not what I got. Not even close actually. I received Heather, which is the silver metallic, and two polishes that weren't labeled with a name--a pink that could be described as coral and purple-ish fuchsia. And while I do love the two bright shades, I don't care too much for the silver metallic. It might be because its spring and I was looking forward to receiving spring colors. I've emailed Julep Maven and I'll let you guys know what they say. I'm only concerned because part of the way the program works is that they send you an email of what your box will contain and you have so many days to decide if you want to proceed with the month or skip it. I want to make sure that I'll always be receiving what's in the preview.

The Ugly. My horrible polish applying skills. :P

Aside from the unexpected colors, I was really happy with my welcome kit and would be open to other ones. At 19.99 a box, its really not that bad of a price. It comes out to about $6.67 a bottle - cheaper than OPI and China Glaze at regular price - and I think the quality in these may be better.

If you guys want to give it a try, the one cent promotion is still happening! Just head on over to Julep Maven (referral) and enter in the code SHAREONMAY.

And if you sign up, don't forget to let me know what you guys think as well!



  1. Very odd that you didn't get what you ordered. Was that the intro box, maybe? Because I think you start with that before you get your monthly box.

    I've been subscribing to Julep Maven for a few months now and I really like it. I posted about one of their mystery boxes here:

    1. Hi Kate!

      Yeps, you are right. I emailed customer service and what I got was the intro box. It apparently was a website glitch, that didn't reflect it correctly. :) I just got my second box yesterday so I'm excited to try out the June colors.

      p.s. I love the Hayden!!!

  2. Since their promotion is still going on, I think I'll give it a shot and purchase a box for this month. The colors you received look quite good though! Hopefully they will send me decent colors too, otherwise I doubt I'll be keeping the subscription for full price.

    Thanks for sharing! (:

  3. I like the colors but it is strange that they didn't send the colors they said they were. I haven't seen that happen to any of the nail bloggers I follow. Hopefully they'll have a good explanation but even then I'd be mad I didn't get that yellow!

    1. I know right? That yellow was really adorable.

      I did email them and got a response actually. And I guess it was just a website glitch. What I got was the actual intro box, and what I saw was the May box. I've been finding more and more, that a lot of blog reviews tend to leave out negatives, which is unfortunate since they should be known too!

      In any case, I still really like them! I just got my second box yesterday :) time to play with more colors