Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Julep Maven Deal! First Box for a PENNY!

I've been eyeing Julep Maven for a bit now. Its nail polish! How could I not? But for a beauty style box it is kinda of pricey--$19.99 a month. Especially considering things like MyGlam and BirchBox (referral link) are at $10.00 a month. Although with Julep Maven you're mainly getting nail polish or mani/pedi products instead of a wide variety of beauty products. What kind of box ends up being best for you may depend on what you really want out of it!

In any case, me being the cheapie that I am, of course, never actually signed up. Until today that is! I stumbled upon a code that allows me to try my first Julep Maven box for just one cent.

One Cent! That's like a penny, dudes. Oh wait, that IS a penny.

And yes, I just charged one cent to my VISA card.

So how does it work? Well like most style sites, you need to take a style quiz before you sign up. I'll admit that these are kind of getting just a bit annoying (especially since I don't follow celebs that much). After you complete your quiz they'll assign you a "Style" box. The great thing is you don't have to choose your box based off of that style (why they won't let you just choose which one you want to begin with is beyond me).

Apparently I'm a "Classic with a Twist" girl, which is actually fairly accurate if I had to label my style. But the colors that come in that box are so not me. I like my twists with a bit of color please. So I chose the "It" girl package.

So what are you waiting for!? It's just a penny! Plus its free shipping and you can cancel at any time!

Sign up (referral) and give it a try with code COLORS4ONE. Normally I would try this stuff out first before letting you guys know about it, but I don't know when this code expires and would hate for you to miss out on it! I'll do a review once I get my first box in.

For now, have fun and let me know what kind of girl you end up being!


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  1. I like the Julep boxes but in the end I would not use all that polish