Tuesday, May 29, 2012

At first sight and its real

This is the kind of dress that you fall in love with at first sight, which is exactly what happened when I saw it.

Its also the kind of dress that makes you not want to eat for two days before wearing it, or at least for the few hours that you'll be wearing it and for the hours before you wear it. Which means when I wore this lovely dress for the DSW Premier Party last week, I had absolutely no food in my stomach. And having no food in your stomach when your faced with endless mimosas is well, at bit tricky.

But I love this dress. And will forever love it no matter how little I have to eat to feel comfortable wearing it.

I do have a bit of a confession to make though. I did not arrive at the DSW party wearing these shoes. In fact, I was wearing the opposite of these shoes. A pair of chucks. :X I mean, in my defense, I was going to be shopping all over San Francisco afterwards! Heels, as much as I love them, would not be appropriate. I found these wedges at the party and immediately walked out to Union Square, handed Anna the camera, and started working on outfit photos! How could I not? The dress is fantastic! And the shoes? On the shoes...

Well even the sales associate (male sales associate) said, in a rather impressive completely straight manner, said these wedges were fantastic. Plus they matched my outfit--instant photoshoot! (Also helps to have friends that blog and understand your compulsive need to photograph your life).

I used her as a model to take a couple of test shots. She looks pretty fantastic huh? I think she needs to add fashion blogging in addition to cupcakes to her list!

(on me)
H&M Dress
Jessica Simpson Cocoa Wedge
Coach Sunglasses

(on Anna)
H&M Fashion Star Top
H&M Shorts
PacSun Flats
Cotton On Sunnies



  1. You look beautiful! And that dress is amaziiinggg!! new follower(: It would mean a lot if you followed back!♥