Monday, April 9, 2012

ryan gosling got me these shoes!

No, seriously. He really did.

It happened right after he saved that woman from the taxi last Wednesay. I had mysteriously transported myself to New York and ran into Mr. Gosling after his heroic deed. He said, "Well, I just saved Laurie Penny from being smeared across 6th Avenue, I can certainly save your feet from the bacteria of a New York sidewalk."

You see, when I was mysteriously transported across the country, my shoes, for some unfortunate reason, did not make the journey with me. And there I was standing barefoot in New York in front of Ryan Gosling offering to buy me shoes.

Okay, that didn't really happen.

But he did help with win these shoes.

A little over a month ago Solestruck launched a collaboration line with Jeffrey Campbell. The result? Awesomeness of course. And to celebrate Solestruck held a contest asking for pictures of things that work best in tandem. And what could possible work better together than Ryan Gosling, shirtless, with cats at Disneyland, the happiest place on earth?

NOTHING. And apparently Solestruck thought so to because I actually won.

So these are now forever my Ryan Gosling shoes.

In other news, Ian Somerhalder also bought me this dress.

No, just kidding. This isn't actually a dress. In fact its a shirt. An XXL shirt that I decided would make a great dress. Except I couldn't find my black slip to wear under it, so I wore my faux leather shorts instead and it transformed itself from a dress into a tunic.

Serious magic keeps happening on this blog. If only it would happen to my wallet in the form of a limitless credit card (that I would never have to pay off) or a money tree in the backyard.

Until then, I guess I'll have to settle for my Ryan Gosling shoes. <3

(Thanks Solestruck. They're seriously fantastic.)

Banana Republic Lace Shirt
Rampage Faux Leather Shorts
SoleStruck x Jeffrey Campbell Winona Boots
Alex & Chole x F21 Necklace



  1. I have a weakness for lace. Love that dress :) and haha, Ryan Gosling. I don't think he's that good looking... Please don't kill me now! There's a whole lotta jazz going on about him and I have to admit I don't even know what he's famous for. Oopsie! x

    1. lololol don't worry nikki i like him but I'm not in love w/ him. although I am a bit convinced he's an alien, no man should come off as perfect as he is. (also check out the Notebook if you want to see what he got noticed for. also be prepared with a giant box of tissues!)

  2. OMG I was so ready to believe you!!! LOL Ryan Gosling. Like the boots :)

    1. One day! one day.. I'm just going to wander up and down the streets of NY looking for trouble until he comes and saves me (or I get arrested).