Tuesday, April 24, 2012

pennies and dimes for a kiss

Its been a while since I used a song lyric for a post title. I haven't really had anything strike a chord with me quite as much (and by strike a chord I mean get seriously stuck in my head) until I heard Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe". I'm obsessed! Maybe more than I was with Selena Gomez's "Love Song". True story, I will have probably listened to this about twenty times while writing this blog post.

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong generation.

In any case, its been a solid, actually more than a solid week of nothing but sunshine in the Bay Area. I haven't worn a pair of pants since. I'm not looking forward to the drop in temperature and strange two days of rain that are set ahead. But at least it looks like the sun is coming out again this weekend.

And with lots of sunshine, means lots of really, really cute outfits I don't time to photograph or properly prepare for. So what do I do? Throw on my favorite pair of shades! Because I promise you, by the end of the work day, my make up is not so cute. Plus, who doesn't love a great pair of shades? I bought these for a whooping $60 at Nordstrom's Rack after I managed to lose my last pair. I'm still hoping they will show up one day and refuse to buy another brown pair until then. I love Coach sunnies. More than I love their bags, really. I've tried on $400+ pairs and they just don't fit my face as well as Coach ones do. Its like they're made for the flat faced Asian female.

Aside from the sunglasses and the wedges (which were a gift so technically it was low cost) this maybe one of the lowest budget outfits I've worn. Both the H&M blazer and top were purchased using a 20% off coupon, and the lace top is an amazing buy. It was only $14.95 and the quality for that level is rather impressive. The mint color really compliments so many things and the fit is fantastic. I almost want to go back to H&M and buy the yellow and coral it comes in as well.

But I won't. I'll be good. I need to save up for the Webster Target collection in any case. :X

Nothing beats out this skirt though. It was two dollars. Two dollars. It wasn't marked that way when I picked it up. In fact it wasn't marked at all, but thrown on the $9.99 rack. I took it up to the register to check the price and it rang up at $1.99! Lesson learned: Never hurts to ask. It could work out in your favor! Which means all in all this entire outfit cost less than $50! Not bad huh?

H&M Blazer (past season)
H&M Conscious Collection Lace Top
Charlotte Russe Skirt (past season)
Coach Sunglasses
Target Belt
Steve Madden Pammyy Wedge

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen


  1. This skirt is so fun! I love the bright colours :) x

  2. Those are awesome sunnies and wedges!
    BTW, love that Call Me Maybe song too, esp. the video:P

    1. um yeah. the first like 2 minutes of that video is HOT. hahah

  3. Love the colors! Also, I'm going to have to try some Coach sunglasses. I feel you on the flat Asian face. I've basically given up on finding a cute pair of sunglasses. I have such a low nose bridge that most trendy sunglasses end up resting on my cheeks.

    1. YEP. The girl at Sunglass Hut told me thats called "rimming" and almost every pair of shades I try on rim my face. I can't even buy cheap ones bcos they bother me after 10 minutes.

      Coach so far is the ONLY one that don't rim. I have a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs that rim a LITTLE bit, but not enough to bother me. These stay up on my nose and I can wear them for hours w/o a headache :) Let me know what you end up getting! There's a lot of really cute styles out lately.

  4. Definitely, I'm in love with all your shoes!! *.*