Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PacSun Additional 70% off

Today is a double hitter at PacSun. They have two sales going on. The first, the biggie. An extra 70% off clearance items when you buy two or more. I live for these sales. These sales have pretty much supplied half of my closet as of late. Its been a while since they've had one online (my in-store is doing this sale as well, so might be worth checking out since in-store tends to have more stock). There isn't too much left, but there are a few gems still available. Especially if you're looking for snowboarding gear.

No coupon needed! Just make sure you add in at least two items that qualify into your cart. I got an entire snowboarding set for around $60 buxs! Yes, I said $60 buxs for pair of snowboarding pants and jackets. I know its not the most fashionable of items to talk about on a fashion blog, but if you're looking to be a snow bunny anytime soon, these are some must haves.

The other sale thats going on is a PacSun Flash sale. They have these almost every week, though the day on which it falls on varies. 40% off 40 items.

You'll need to use this link to access the sale, and then enter in code NEWFLASHGO at check out.

I personally didn't see too much that caught my eye in the 40% off flash sale, but I did pick up this skirt.

It is currently on sale at $9.99 and with 40% off comes out to just $5.99!

If you liked the tops I wore in these two pictures, they're now part of the 70% off sale.

You can find the Volcom Rocker Shirt here and the C'est la vie sweater here.

I've been eyeing this leopard jacket from Volcom for a while now, so it may have found its way into my cart along with the snowboarding gear.

Shipping is free when you spend over $75, which was rather easily done since I couldn't decide between two jackets. And don't forget! Ebates is 5% cashback for PacSun.

Happy shopping guys! Things were selling out fairly quick, but hopefully you guys get something good. Let me know!

P.S. I'll be a little on the quietface side this week, and some of next. Working on a couple of projects that are taking up a good chunk of my time. <3 Will be sharing them on the site soon.


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