Tuesday, April 3, 2012

mix don't stir

When you're at the pool, you always tend to see two kinds of people. You see the testers and you the jumpers. The testers are the ones who stick their feet in the water to see how cold it is before they get in. The jumpers are the ones who dive head first without a single thought.

That's me. I'm a jumper.

Not in the pool, though. I don't want to steer you wrong here. I'm quite a wuss when it comes to the temperature of a pool. But when it comes to mixing patterns? I'm a jumper. I didn't think. I just mixed. And I didn't just mix two patterns, I mixed four.

I'm not entirely sure what got a hold of me. I've barely mixed two patterns together before, and suddenly I'm mixing four?

But it works. Or at least I think it works. And since this is my blog what I says goes right? Until sometimes takes the content off my blog and writes about how absolutely horrible this outfit is, then what they say goes. But until that happens, I say it works.

What doesn't work however, are the shoulder pads in this blazer. Which is why I look a bit like a linebacker in these photos. I haven't figured out a way to take them out yet that doesn't involve completely ruining this blazer or taking it to the tailor. Its amazing how much I'll put up with to avoid taking something to get altered. And by something, I really mean this massively growing pile in the corner of the bedroom. I'm two blazers, two dresses and two pair of jeans counting at the moment. If I wait any longer its going to cost my first born child to afford the bill.

Oh wells. I guess I can continue looking like a linebacker a bit longer, right?

On a happier note, today is the first day I've woken up and felt like a normal energetic person again!

Express knit blazer, Charlotte Russe tank, Hollister floral shorts, Forever 21 belt, MIA Newberry Pump

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