Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I finally caved and bought a piece from JewelMint the other day.

This may or may not have been caused by the 70% off your first piece coupon that showed up in my inbox. I would've told you guys about it, but I've never purchased a JewelMint item before and had no idea as to the quality of it or anything. Wouldn't want to send you rushing to buy something if its not worth it!

For those of you who don't know what JewelMint is, JewelMint is style site. It pretty much falls in line with all those other sites that have been popping up like crazy lately. You fill out a style profile and they'll recommend a piece of jewelry based off your profile. Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter design a new collection monthly, so there's always a lot of pieces to choose from. The membership is "free" in a sense. You're not obligated to buy anything every month, but if you don't opt to "Skip" out of that month by the 5th, you're credit card will be charged. So make sure you put a calendar notice in place! I also couldn't find a way to close out my account so I don't have to skip every month, so here's hoping I don't forget.

This was the piece I chose. I love the bright colors on this trio, and they're really quite perfect for spring. Silly me wishes I hadn't forgotten to put them on today. They came exactly as pictured and in a nice little velvet pouch. Order to door was pretty fast, too. I ordered on March 28th and received the bracelets on April 02nd. They ship from Santa Fe, CA, though, which is probably why it was so fast for me.

In terms of the quality however, I don't believe that these are really worth $29.95. The design is great and fairly unique, but the overall quality and construction of the pieces aren't much better than what I've seen in like Charlotte Russe or H&M. You can even see the globs of glue used on the inside of the bracelet to hold the ribbon in place. I paid about $9.00 for these and at that price, it was totally worth it. I honestly would've been pretty upset if I'd gotten these for the full price value.

Now I did notice that their metal pieces are gold or silver plated with a tin, zinc or brass alloy base. That coupled with the limited nature of the design does makes them worth more. I may give this a try again later, just to see what one of the metal pieces looks like in person and if it changes my point of view. I do think if JewelMint dropped the price point to $20 I'd be more inclined to try out their program on a monthly basis, but as its not, I'll be probably be skipping almost every month.

What you guys think? Have you tried out JewelMint before? Do you think its worth the cost?


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