Monday, April 16, 2012

its an instagram kinda monday

It was seriously an awesome weekend. We had nothing planned and yet got to do tons! And the weekend for me started on Thursday (sort of). I worked half a day on Friday, but we got to go to the Warrior's game Thursday night - box seats. VIP entrance, parking and everything. I will admit. I felt fancy.

Too bad we loss really badly. But thats OK I'm more of a Lakers fan any ways (Shh, don't tell Nor Cal).

Friday night we got to see Totem! Its my third Cirque du Soleil show, although technically my first "real" one. The other two I've seen were more music based than acrobatic. If you guys get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it! I

All in all, I was really just happy that the sun came out (especially considering how badly it stormed Thursday night). It was a whooping 72* on Sunday! Which meant a nice long walk for the puppies (who thanked us by snoring like a train all last night). AND.. as you can see Instagram is now available on Android!

So y'know what that means? That means you should follow me (pandippo) so that your life can be filled with puppies and sunshine, and lots and lots of food. And daily shoe and clothing saves, because I know you all live for that.

Or don't. Y'know.. I promise I won't cry about it. /Whimpers.

:) Happy Monday all! Did you have a great weekend?



  1. Posts like this make me jalous I don't have instgam, haha. One day I would really like to see a cirque du soleil show too. I've seen a few on TV and they are so magical! x

    1. Do you have a smart phone Nikki? I was using an app called Vignette before this, which I actually like better than Instagram. But I really like instagram for the social media part :)