Thursday, April 19, 2012

gone with the wind

I'm back from the dead! Sort of, not really. I've been working on a present for BF that.. unfortunately isn't quite done yet (even though our anniversary was on Tuesday, oOps :X). Its not totally my fault! Its impossible to plan a present for someone when you live with them! Eventually I had to cough up what I was doing and have been trying to lock him in a room or kick him out of the house just so I can find some time to work on it. My poor gym schedule has been sacrificed along with this blog.

But at least I managed to squeeze some photos/editing in! These photos look overly dramatic because it was fairly windy when I took them. Kinda made for some cool photos though (minus the ones I'm not showing you because the wind became my enemy), and really shows off the double colors of my blazer. This is actually my first Fashion Star item. I love the fact that its reversible! I'm still wishing/hunting that I can find the first dress that Sarah designed, but I think I may have to give up on that dream. (I also wish they would expand beyond a turquoise blue.)

Minus the Cotton On blouse, I think everything in this outfit is brand new. :X But I couldn't really resist these shorts when I saw them. The seriously remind me of Marni, but about 100X more affordable (even compared to the H&M collaboration) at a whooping $10. Granted they are kids shorts, but I have an awful habit of buying kids clothing anyways.

And of course no good outfit post can pass by without me talking about my shoes right? These were from DSW and thanks to coupons, rewards, and free giftcards I should almost label them as a courtesy of. I seriously love DSW. I don't know how they stay in business with all the giveaways they do, but they're really, really fantastic. Not to mention their customer service, I think, blows most stores out of the water.

I'd been looking for a great pair of pink pumps for a few months now, and when I saw the quilted suede? I was absolutely sold. Its a bonus that these are actually pretty damn comfortable! I'll have to invest more in Mojo Moxy shoes.

There will be more quietface time this weekend as BF is taking us to SF for the weekend to celebrate our two year anniversary! Two years! Can you believe it? <3 <3 Been the best two years of my life so far.

H&M Fashion Star Blazer
Cotton On Blouse
Target Shorts
Mojo Moxy Magic Heels



  1. Love that blouse I've had my eye on the H&M one from the conscious collection but haven't been able to find it yet.

    1. The Conscious Collection is killing me. Its so ridiculously cute.. I'm still pinning for the one with the eyelet collar.

  2. Totally jealous you can rock children's shorts! I love the blazer. You have a great eye for fashion.

    Btw, I saw an asos dress that looks like the fashion star one. It's a tulip skirt though. Hope this helps! :)

    1. Ooohhh... that dress is lovely! I may have to consider that! Thanks Angelica!

  3. This look is gorgeous!Great style and blog!