Monday, April 2, 2012

be like you

I've been dying with the flu all weekend, completely unmoving and unproductive - unless you count the half season of Law & Order: SVU I watched or the fact that I slept more hours than I was awake as productive. I did finally get to see Hunger Games though(loved it!), but other than that, I did a whole big fat of nothing this entire weekend.

Which I guess was needed. My body just decided, nope, you're doing too much and I'm going to weigh you down by letting in this super mutant strain of the death flu (totally exaggerating, please don't call the CDC). But we can pretend that I was productive by looking at this cute little drawing can't we? Just ignore that bit in the signature about this being done in 2009. Lets also ignore the fact that I failed to post a new drawing for the month of March. :X

Just focus on the cuteness.

Its around this time of year (and by this time I mean I was suppose to start back in February) that I need to start reigning in my spending habits and start saving up for more fun things like vacations and life. I probably should've started this sooner than later considering I also need new tires, but we're going to ignore that along with everything else for today as well. I need to reign it in big time though, since I'm getting a bit of a late start and try to "shop my closet" more than I do the mall. Unfortunately I didn't write this post on April 1st so I can't be like "April Fools!!" in a few weeks when I'm itching to buy my next pair of shoes.

Or can I ..?