Monday, March 26, 2012

we are not a stereotype

But the truth is.. we kind of are.

And by we, I mean Anna and me.

Bf abandoned me and went to China again, so I decided to spend Saturday with Anna instead. I don't get to see Anna too often since she lives a little over an hour away. We also value working out over our friendship sometimes, so obviously there's only so much weekend time we can give up. Just kidding (sort of).

We tried, and I mean, we really, really tried to think of things to do that didn't involve eating all sorts of fatty foods or shopping. We looked up possible events to attend;, thought about different activities or things we hadn't done yet; asked our friends for local suggestions. We seriously thought about this all week long.

And what did we end up doing?

That's a banana nut crepe with caramel on top. Oh, and ice cream. And whipped cream. Yum.


Man this picture looks pretty bad. I wonder if I should delete it before bf sees it..

And shopping.

Yeah, we're kind of lame like that.

It wasn't our fault. Really. There wasn't anything we could do. I really don't understand the point of having suffered through daylight savings when its just going to rain all of the time. Apparently everyone else in the Bay Area had the same thoughts because the mall was fairly packed.

But its OK. Because its still quality time (and quality money) being spent with a dear friend. And it gave me an excuse to drink tea twice in one day and devour an entire order of carne asada fries.

And to pick up the newest member to my android collection. Isn't he just so fierce?

But not as fierce as these Sam Edelman heels. These are just ridiculously awesome. I tried them on out of pure curiosity because I was pretty sure I'd end up on my face within seconds of putting them on. But I didn't. It was some sort of small miracle. In fact they're almost comfortable to walk in. And feel more stable than a pair of wedges I'd tried on earlier. I may or may not save up for a pair of these...

These heels weren't actually part of our Saturday. I just wanted to show you guys because they're so freaking cool.
Amazingly we didn't make it into any shoe stores. I should probably be saying "thankfully" considering how much shopping we did, but it really wasn't that bad. I mean, that picture above made it look pretty bad. But the bags are filled with things like a $2 shirt from Cotton On, $3.00 tank from Hollister, and $6.00 shorts from PacSun. So while it might look like we spent a lot, we really spent very little (sort of) and got a lot!

Or at least that's what I like to tell myself to justify spending even more. >.<

How was your guys' weekend? Great I hope (and a lot more sunny than mine). If not, I'll leave you with this adorable picture of Kaylee, who had absolute nothing to do with Saturday as well, but just looked too cute here not to share. <3



  1. That's always what happens when my sister and I go out together somehow eating and shopping go hand in hand lol

    Beauty Flawed

  2. i just want you to know that i was so busy shoving my face full of my carne asada fries that i didn't even notice you taking a picture of yours. also, im hungry and want more fries now :(